fucked up how Alan Turing, Computer Daddy, would've fit in around here

apparently he wouldn't shut up about how gay he was, and mentioned it in casual conversation

in 1936 he invented a computer that, get this, can do everything any computer built since then could do. everything. yes, it can mine bitcoin. yes, it can run Doom. it could run all of Amazon's backend. just very slowly, of course.

Computer Daddy was hella gay

if u use a mechanical process to move tape left or right, read a symbol on the tape, act on that symbol, or write a symbol, then ur gay

listen i don't make the rules

if youve ever launched an app or looked at a digital watch or listened to a CD then ur using gay technology

thanks Computer Daddy

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Computer Daddy Alan Turing even wrote a video game before computers had video. and before anybody had actually built a computer to play it on.

it played a basic game of chess. not very well, people good at chess could beat it once they finally built a computer to run it on. but still.

video games are gay

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@BestGirlGrace @Mycroft

the true purpose of the computer is to kill nazis and be gay

@enbyss @BestGirlGrace @Mycroft it is very close to his prediction that moms in the 21st century would meet up in the park and talk about that cute thing their computer did today....

@stokes apparently he loved Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, so going deep into other Disney properties wouldn't be out of the question

if he didn't have one before watching Robin Hood I bet he'd set about to immediately make one afterwards

Unfortunately he died/committed suicide in 1954 so was too early for Hood

Though I intended to come here & mention a good biopic on him & his work inventing the universal computer - The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch

@Mycroft @patter @stokes THANK YOU I've been looking for queer info on him! The straights, imo, tend to miss things in telling about him.

@loweel Which part in particular are you attempting to correct, sir?

Since you're replying to the post about video games, here's the Wikipedia article giving details about it:

@Mycroft since you did not read the wiki page I posted, why should I explain?

@loweel I skimmed over the page, and I don't see anything that contadicts what I posted, sir. For me to see your point, you will need to be more specific.

@Mycroft No wonder cishets can't be trusted with using computers responsibly

@Mycroft :giordi_dislike: *cishet voice* "we need more diversity in tech! I mean, look at geniuses like Alan Turing, we need to find the next generation of alan turings to thoroughly fuck over"
:giordi_like: Alan Turing was a weirdo turbo gay who killed nazis, we would've really liked hanging out with him

@Mycroft of course you bring this up the day I'm wearing my Alan Turning shirt!

@RC My spouse is having a miserable day and I didn't think anything could make him smile but I told him about this and he laughed which is a miracle, thank you for sharing your awesome t-shirt. @Mycroft

@RC @Mycroft making the world a better place, with a nice Slogan and boobs :)

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