Randomly delighted by the design and presentation of the Matra & Hachette Ordinateur Alice series of home computers from the mid 1980s.

Along with Melissa Joan Hart's performance in Clarissa Explains It All, this solidified my belief that this is what the typical computer programmer looked like.

Thanks to everyone pointing out that the cover illustration was done by famous artist/cartoonist/writer Moebius (Jean Henri Gaston Giraud)

Also, here are some images of Clarissa doing some programming in the early 90s. As I alluded, this is the first time I saw someone doing programming on TV, let alone developing her own indie micro-games. Some kind of Amiga I think?

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@Jo @Mycroft I was looking at it and wondering exactly that.

@robotcarsley @Jo @Mycroft

I'm 99% sure it's a moebius cover
there were surprisingly few who tried to emulate his style, and I'm not aware of any that would have landed this illustration job

pretty cool find! did you read it? I wonder if there are interior illustrations

@emptyfortress @robotcarsley @Jo Thanks for pointing out the artist! Sadly, I do not have this physically, I just stumbled across the design when browsing around sites.

Some more product shots and promotional material is up at if you'd like a further look.

@Mycroft @robotcarsley @Jo

thanks! I had a look at the manuals, it is indeed a Moebius cover. the Basic manual looks very well done, there are a lot of interior illustrations but they're by another artist, and it was written by a woman (always worth mentioning given the ongoing dudes-only revisionism of tech history)

@Mycroft that bit of the show was weirdly progressive for the early '90s!

@Mycroft What a beautiful illustration. It looks like something by Moebius, or maybe Philippe Caza. I'm trying to hunt down a pdf of the booklets to see if I can find the credits for it.

@Mycroft sorry I didn't realize this had been pointed out repeatedly before…


Huh. There is *very* little information about this computer on Wikipedia.

However, the first iteration of this design was sold in North America as the Tandy MC-10 by Radio Shack and I've played with one of those before.

But yeah, that is *awesome* design.

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