- but it's silly and not worth being upset about 

this happened yesterday but i'm not trying to subtoot anyone in particular, it's just a thing that happens sometimes

i wish i could talk about pokemon training and battles and stuff on here without people in my mentions telling me that it's fucked up because it's dogfighting

like, yes, of all the "let's take this children's thing and make it dark and edgy" theories, it's by far the most convincing one. in fact, you need to go pretty far out of your way for it to not be the natural conclusion you come to

but the games and anime repeatedly make the point that this is a misunderstanding. the pokemon want to do this just as much as the trainer does. it's canon in the games that the whole reason pokemon attack trainers with pokemon stronger than they are is to be caught and trained and fight

and if you're currently thinking "this sounds like a justification that the humans came up with to justify pokemon trainers": you're right! it does sound like that! but i choose to believe that it's not because this is something that makes me happy. i headcanon the best of all possible worlds because i want it to be a fun wholesome thing. and every time someone tells me it's bloodsport i have to come down from my pokemon-induced good mood and explain the deal to them

and it's a silly thing to be upset about. i don't have to be bummed out by someone else saying that pokemon battles are dogfighitng. and yet, here i am bitching about it when it hasn't even happened today, i just happened to think of it


- but it's silly and not worth being upset about 

@monorail You would not like my opinions on the subject, but I've learned to keep my mouth shut and let people have fun with their games and fantasy, and save my opinions for when people Ask Me About Them, I give a Are You Sure, and they say Yes, and that's when I describe what personally makes me uncomfortable and not able to join their fun.

Battle on, trainers.

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