School taught me that there are exclusively four Romance languages. There's actually 23-35 or so, depending on how you count.

School taught me there's exclusively five senses, but Wikipedia lists 13 or so.

Why should I be surprised when "there are exclusively two genders" turns out to be false as well?

@Mycroft Up there with the answer to "how many native American tribes". Like, even going by just currently, about the best you're going to get to easily is the number of tribes currently recognized by the US, Mexico or Canada and that doesn't take into account tribes that aren't recognized and undercounts tribes that have merged but were historically separate.

@BalooUriza @Mycroft oh and it ignores tribes that were forcibly disbanded by the federal government because they discovered valuable resources under their reservations

@BalooUriza @Mycroft There are five languages (you left out Romanian). All others are dialects.

There is a clear distinction between a language and a dialect. The definition of a language, as I heard from one linguistic, is: "A language with an army and a navy[1]".

(And the Brazilian Army still calls the language "Portuguese", AFAIK)


@BalooUriza @Mycroft @adistav Correction: (Besides French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish, all others are dialects) The definition was: "A language is a dialect with an army and a navy"

@tzafrir @BalooUriza @Mycroft An exercise: in what language was the original quote/definition?

@Mycroft I also love how everyone "forgets" Romanian :x It even has "Roman" in its name...

@Mycroft @alana_is_tooting Yeah, it's pretty hilarious that these "gender critical" people say that science says there are only two.

Yeah, science taught in eighth grade, maybe...

@Mycroft @Sapphicgiraffic school is basically designed to engender a binaristic, oversimplified mindset that is easier to manipulate

@Mycroft @Sapphicgiraffic hell even the model of the atom we are taught is almost a century out of date

@Mycroft @wolfgang How did they get to FOUR? Even if you count Catalan as Spanish, Brazilian as Portuguese, Occitan as French, Sicilian as Italian, and Moldovan as Romanian, that's still five.

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