Feels like the fediverse has a more even median age? Like, I've run into way more folk in their 40s than I have on other social media platforms. Maybe it's just the smaller user base, or the collective nostalgia for a decentralized internet idk

Some of the folk here seem old enough to have been in late high school/college during the Eternal September

@Zeny I missed that boat - or rather, I think I might've sailed in on that boat?

@Mycroft I was too young myself. I was only 2 at the time

@Zeny Checking dates, yup, I was there, not in the first wave but don't know if it was segmented into waves. September 1993 was it, and I got my first modem in summer of 94, and signed into AOL.

Only for a month though, because I was still a kid and had no concept of billing rates and my mom canceled it the same day she got the first bill.

I found local BBSs though and got access to usenet and email from there.

@Mycroft I think I missed the boat on usenet groups as a whole. By the time I started regularly using the internet, forum software like PhpBB and Invision were already free and common place


@Zeny I was into the newsgroups and email before this whole web thing took off

not very far mind you, I barely knew how to operate it, but I was browsing alt.tv.tiny-toons and reading the Tiny Toon Adventures fanfiction mailing list before I got access to the www at home

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