I felt like doing some MMO grinding so loaded up an old fave reboot of an old fave...

@Mycroft I kept looking at the promotional table for that at Pinburgh! They had neat props, like gloves and bunny ears and pies and all that for people to play with and photograph.

@Austin_Dern I still wonder how they keep being not Legal Action'd into the ground by Disney. :o

@Mycroft Have really wondered about that. I could imagine it if the thing were tiny, and merely let people understand it was a Toontown clone. But they had a bigger table at ReplayFX than Stern Pinball did and, well, it's right in their name.

@Austin_Dern Clone I guess in the stricter sense, meaning an exact copy of the codebase, files, characters and all. (Usually I've heard 'clone' being used in a looser sense, as a look-alike, borrowing some of the same concepts but being developed independently)

Maybe it helps that they don't charge, nor do they accept donations?

@Mycroft It's literally the codebase duplicated? Oh, wow. I had assumed it was a work-alike ... you know, a ... rewritten Toontown.

Not charging or taking donations probably makes it easier, the way CBS lets you make Star Trek fan videos when people don't give you money. But that's still *powerfully* weird.

@Austin_Dern Yeah, it's the same client as the original Toontown, just updated to run on modern computers. At least I'm fairly sure; unless they spent a lot of time duplicating the same graphical glitches faithfully that the original client had nearly 15 years ago.

And, while it's not in their promotional material, the game has trademarked Disney characters referenced all throughout.

@Mycroft Well then ... yeah, there's no explaining that. Even just 'too small to bother squashing' doesn't explain that.

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