"I can't leave social media platform X, all my friends are there and they won't move!"

@Mycroft When I left Twitter, I left behind a dozen or more friends with whom I didn't really communicate in any other way. We just stopped talking. I miss them, but I don't miss them enough to subject myself to Twitter.

My mental health has dramatically improved since leaving Twitter behind, and I've made new friends here of whom I'm deeply fond (yourself included ♥️)!

Ultimately, true friends will encourage you to care for yourself, even if it means more distance between you as a result. ^^

@Mycroft that didn't stop me leaving Facebook. My entire family was on there, and I hit "delete" anyway.

@Mycroft I really like "Famous person XY isn't here? That social network has to be garbage""

@Mycroft I had some Twitter friends but then they got drowned out in TL noise sometime in 2015 or 2016. So coming here was a fresh start for me.

@Mycroft @zorinlynx you will...

Welcome to Mastodon! At least any of the real-world junk I can't hide behind a warning on Twitter will be appropriately hidden here.

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