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pet peeve about the term "nsfw" 

I'd like very much if people stopped using the term "nsfw", especially in CWs. If you mean lewd, say lewd. If you mean violence, say violence. If you mean something else, say it.

Not everybody works in the same conditions. I don't like the bar of what's deemed presentable or not to be solely based on the viewpoint of what some middle-class office worker could be caught looking at.

this pet ball python snake is named Pretzelcoatl and I think that's adorable

I still never want to be in the same room as a snake though. :)

Spider-Man is just a lil babby superhero and shouldn't be put into so much danger as joining the Avengers or fighting global threats.

Let him stick to fighting bank robbers in silly fursuits. A criminal in a bird kigu with a hang glider. A street brawler with elephant footy pajamas. These are who he deserves to fight because he shouldn't get hurt.


just because we have a new president doesn't mean you have to stop protesting that the president isn't doing enough

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If Philips CD-i emulation was in a better spot and CD-i consoles themselves didn't have that issue with the battery being hard to replace, I'd probably have tried to write some sort of YouTube Poop game for the most appropriate hardware by now.

I guess that effort can instead go into whenever I really make Super Robotnik Land on Game Boy then.

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I hope to purchase a used car soon. State law says I must register the sale within fifteen days with the DMV, in person only. Cannot be done online, via mail, etc. DMV is by appointment only, and earliest appointment is two and a half months away. :ms_shrug_r3:

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what if instead of a tower defense game we got a miles prower defense game

pooptoot mentioning MLK 

If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he should totally have the right to kick the shit out of any white person who starts a sentence with "If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today," myself included.

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shout-out to all the cuties out there who would be snuggling each other rn but somehow think they're out of each others' leagues

idea: video game where you control sims but instead of stimulating a real world it's a minecraft like world

or minecraft but you also have to sleep and poop and relax and talk to people to stay alive

incomplete list of unnecessarily gendered things:


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doomscrolling but you've run out of doom and instead watch puppy videos

sometimes I'm reminded cute animals exist and that makes me smile

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I am once again reminding you that the Polynesian community has asked that you use the term “polyam” in lieu of “poly” when talking about polyamory.

Helpful D&D tools links :blobfoxpirate: 

Dungeon Master's Vault is an online repository of information, including a great character builder. Limited to SRD and 'homebrew' content only.

Big list of WotC content in 'homebrew' content format, easily imported

A bunch more sources of 'homebrew' content

No Tasha's Cauldron source yet (that I've found), no updated Artificer class

vaguely 'being responsible' gets 2/3 of the votes

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So I'm running a second session of D&D Sunday night. When should I start prepping for it?
A. When I get home tonight
B. After running errands Saturday night
C. Sunday afternoon when I wake up
D. When the players start pulling out their character sheets and dice

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