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pet peeve about the term "nsfw" 

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niche kink musing 

but I'm not nostalgic enough to load up dosbox and play with ZZT tonight

suddenly nostalgic for a game scripting function that was a little object-oriented programming language

the only variables you could assign were binary flags, set or clear. and just mentioning its name created it, so there was no hidden third state of variable-doesn't-exist

and all variables were 100% global

as you can imagine, keeping track of complex player states was Fun

Not nearly as many as if we were actually sitting down to learn, though, it's the end of an 8 hour shift and we're both tired, and I don't want to be too distracted from night driving.

We've got Left, Right, Tired, Sleepy, and Weekend down, though.

I have a coworker from Guatemala that I drive home every day. (She takes the bus in, but bus doesn't run at 2:30am.) She doesn't know conversational English, but at least more than I know Spanish. Through gesturing, we've taught each other some new words, which is cool as heck.

'The Last Word Processor You'll Ever Need To Buy releases new version 5.3, purchase the full version for $199.95 or get a discounted upgrade from previous 5.x versions for only $89.95.'

youtube content id demonetizes and claims copyright ownership by warner media over a gamer's use of '36' and '50' in two videos

like, the numbers

Doctor doctor you've got to help, I think I need glasses! 

Doctor doctor you've got to help, people keep ignoring me! 

Doctor doctor you've got to help, I've got a strawberry stuck in my ear! 

Doctor doctor you've got to help, my husband has a goat fursona! 

Doctor doctor you've got to help, I've broken my arm in two places! 

Doctor doctor you've got to help, I snore so loud I keep myself awake! 

doctor doctor you've got to help, I've been hit with a shrink ray and I'm getting shorter and shorter! 

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pagliacci: i am depressed

doctor: you should go and see pagliacci

pagliacci: but doctor, i am pagliacci

doctor: no i'm referring you to dr pagliacci, a psychiatrist colleague of mine who happens to have the same surname as you.

aw, ttpw episode so short, wanted to hear racc talk more about bobcat

oh high quality Bonkers on Disney+

wonder if the free trial is still open...

or if some great hero will rip it and torrent


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