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pet peeve about the term "nsfw" 

I'd like very much if people stopped using the term "nsfw", especially in CWs. If you mean lewd, say lewd. If you mean violence, say violence. If you mean something else, say it.

Not everybody works in the same conditions. I don't like the bar of what's deemed presentable or not to be solely based on the viewpoint of what some middle-class office worker could be caught looking at.

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It's time again!

I'm Mycroft, but you can also use Myke or Mike. I'm a late 30-something queer with interests including but not limited to:
* and other
* usually memories of g1 cartoon or IDW comics
* playing a tauren resto/feral druid
* not understanding kids these days
* various eclectic things that catch my interest from time to time
* weird furry kinks

Wow chilled water is so good, have you had some lately? I can't get enough of the stuff.

dystopian novels 

this is a trend I see in golden age sci-fi, robots or something take over humanity and do all the work needed to live and thrive, leaving people free to be passive consumers or pursue any hobby or recreation that they like, within reason, and they never have to worry about food or shelter

and then a hero comes along and leads a revolt and smashes the machines, making everybody have to compete for basic resources and die of dysentery, as God intended

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dystopian novels 

one person's dystopia and scathing critique of the evils of modern society is another person's utopia and unattainable dream

I'm reading Vonnegut's Player Piano and its horrible world where automation has taken over and everyone in the country does little real work and are given modest middle class lifestyles with a house and cars and extra spending money

and humanity is robbed, ROBBED, of the opportunity to do hard menial labor or risk starvation

what horror, so chilling

you can't call it burbon whiskey unless it's made in the 'burbs

meme idea 

the "hey kid I'm a computer" gijoe meme except it's "hey kid, I'm basic human decency" "stop all the hatin'"

political philosophies, Heinlein 

I grew up reading books by Robert Heinlein. Juvenile / young adult novels and short stories, as well as his more adult stuff. I had a very impressionable mind, and gobbled everything up. Only much later did I find the labels that described his viewpoint: fascist and libertarian.

The book that most influenced me, however, seemed to be anarcho-socialist? I probably don't understand the term properly, but it's as close as my vocabulary allows.

okay since some people can't stop boosting un-cw'd things that need cws, I've found I can hide boosts from people I follow without having to unfollow them

work (~) 

just spent the first half hour of my shift detailing a page and a half of my supervisor's failings on a legal pad, with dates, that I'm going to refer to as my CYA Log. (cover your ass)

so when someone higher up finds out that there's been dangerous equipment with exposed wiring at one site for over three months, I'll have text messages and emails to reference to show I've correctly notified people about it

It should go without saying: Please, source the art you share.

Happy Non-Binary Day!

much love to all my nb friends out there

fun thing to think about at 4am:

πŸ’œ purple πŸ’œ

doesn't actually exist

it's an optical illusion

a figment of your imagination

it occupies no place in the electromagnetic spectrum πŸ’‹πŸŽƒπŸ€πŸŒ²πŸ³πŸ‘—πŸŽ»

look it up next time you'd otherwise be doomscrolling

fun trivia fact about me: for at least a decade and a half I thought the lyrics to the Duck Tales theme song included "not pony tails or goblin tails", seeing as how goblins are so undefined and there's so many different designs of them that I guess these Disney ones had tails

and yes ironically I did recognize a rabbit as my fursona during that time and still misheard it

I forget when it was that I finally heard it as "cotton tails". y'know, like rabbits. πŸ‡

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still no new ducktales, because of .. y'know *vaguely waves at all of 2020 so far*

saw one untrusted site speculate that s3e8 might hit sometime in november if things go well

take a look at this cool truck

wait, it's not a truck, it's a robot

wait, it's not a truck robot, it's actually a cake (1m11s, kids birthday party, several angles, kids making kids noises)

ph- mh- 

I'm sweaty, my stomach is upset, I feel like I'm about to barf, I'm doing somebody else's job, I have a feeling it's just to catch them up because they don't do it well and I have at least some standards, I'm having terrible concentrating

*and* my pants are falling down


my belt broke :(

gonna walk around work for the next three hours with one hand holding up my pants

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