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Anyone know why Linux (Mint 19.1 Xfce) does this? I'm copying files to an external USB drive, the progress bar zooms to somewhere in the 95% range, then hangs there for a long time. (I let it alone and it eventually does finish the copy.)

tired: including twitter handle or facebook link
wired: linking to myspace page
inspired: aol keyword
galaxy brain: 7E1 & phone number

That's odd. VLC apparently just disappeared from my Linux Mint installation. I was able to use the Software Manager to reinstall it, and it's working, but that's still weird.

Looking at potentially intro tabletop RPGs, and slightly disappointed this game published by Evil Hat is actually about young detectives, and not malleable inflatable footwear.

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Hey everyone! Glad to see you're having fun with the :baba::is::you: emojis! However, it's been pointed out to me that white on transparent is completely unreadable on light themes. Whoops!

I've made a new set of them with solid backgrounds that are a lot more accessible. They can be found at

They have the same names as the original ones, so if you slot them into their place all the existing posts will automatically update to use them. Just be sure to pass the `--overwrite` flag to tootctl. Once they're added, you may have to clear your cache with ctrl-f5 to see them, but once you do they'll be legible regardless of theme.


sorry my eyesight isn't so good on non higher contrast settings, which renders these new baba is you emojis invisible, but I'm gay

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oh wow, I'd been thinking if I have to make a new character about tabaxi ranger, but y'know? Tabaxi scout specialization rogue does more of what I'd like, AND I could play a tabaxi cleric of Sharess.

Either Life or Trickery look awesome, plus cat. I mean I could sniff everything, rub my cheek on stuff, and munch on my own toes while cleaning them in character. Who doesn't want to do that?

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@Webster There's probably very little chance you haven't seen this but just in case
Evolution of Donald Duck
and just released today
Evolution of Donald Duck's Voice

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macro furry trashpost re: dating apps Show more

poll: who is ur favurite ducktail nephew
The third one


Stadia youtube Show more

Stadia youtube Show more

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Apparently on the twitterverse there's only one instance? sounds really boring

well I have to be at work in thre- er, two minutes, so I guess I should start putting on pants

last day of the work week at least, let's get this over with

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