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pet peeve about the term "nsfw" 

I'd like very much if people stopped using the term "nsfw", especially in CWs. If you mean lewd, say lewd. If you mean violence, say violence. If you mean something else, say it.

Not everybody works in the same conditions. I don't like the bar of what's deemed presentable or not to be solely based on the viewpoint of what some middle-class office worker could be caught looking at.

dear fantasy audio book narrators: words have meanings, please pronunciate things right

searching a tomb for ruins is very different from searching a tome for runes I got 32 of 45
the others are things I've just not been exposed to

oh, tech memories

I remember paying $150 for this exact thing

non-murderous police 

a Black guy and his friends get excited watching a hockey game, and a nosy neighbor calls the police

miraculously, the four cops responding performed no murders, and in fact none fired their guns at all

after clearing up the misunderstanding, the cops left peacefully, without so much as violently slamming anyone to the ground or destroying any property

thank you for at least pretending to act like human beings this one time, you class traitors

youtubers, LGR, shitpost 

"We've done a couple of successful videos with YouTubers Markiplier and Linus Tech Tips, and so we thought it was time to give Clint at LGR the same treatment"

oh no what did LGR do to get associated with those two

I don't want to cancel him in my heart

phone rom hackers:

how can I get a newer version of Android onto my phone, how risky is it, and how stable is it afterwards

I'm currently stuck on a moto g5s plus with Oreo 8.1, and there's talks of Android 11 coming out, and I'm primarily worried about security and privacy features/updates

getting really frustrated with 64kbps internet mobile access, unless I can do something I'm stuck with it for another week I think

"Did you know that sometimes wolves sing just to make music, as we do?

"It's called 'social glue' - a spreading of good feeling like people singing around a campfire, feeling closer to one another - it’s that same idea: through song, wolves reaffirm social bonds with one another."
Happy Wolves, Happy Howls, 1m video

I haven't even left for work yet and I'm already sweating :(

I wish the cool weather would stick around and not just be here at night

job, (+ - -) 

I got told today that the job I've been doing for a month is so great and impressive that based partly on it my company just landed a quarter million dollar contract

I was doing this job last year but middle management didn't appreciate it and it was taken away from me and given to people I was passed over for promotion four times who were bad at it; I was reassigned last month and they noticed

no increase in pay though

also I've been passed over for a promotion a fifth time

listening to a podcast about trans people in the old west

a rough-rousing cigar-chomping horse-rustling guy who left a long trail of heartbroken ladies and kept being arrested - for wearing pants while afab

a kindly woman who everybody loved and had great fashion sense and a grand personality, got her start when a guy caught her "pretending to be a man" and offered her a clothes-washing job; only after a long loving life did they discover she was amab

oh no I'm out of my Unlimited mobile date for a whole week

listening to opl3 fm synth on keen6 for the first time

my that's a lot of sound effects, but no more than keen4e which probably would sound normal to me

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Meow was migrated to its new architecture successfully, and we apologize for any cuts you may have experienced over the past few days.

Both SSDs are working, as we had a small hardware problem during the migration, but we were able to continue in degraded mode. Everything works now!

Meow is now faster, and can now accommodate many more creatures! :dark_cat:

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I wanna turn into an animal
I wanna be fuzzy in the outside
I wanna turn into an animal
my whole existence is pawed
please make me closer to dog

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Dear cops, 

Quit your jobs. Walk out. Turn in your badge and any weapons you may have been issued. If you see yourself as the mythical "good cop," then stop being a shield for the bad ones by continuing to perpetuate a brutally racist, authoritarian system they're taking advantage of. Take your knowledge to the press. Tell people how you were trained, especially if you were taught "Killology." Stop being a cop. Stop being a cop. Stop being a cop. Stop being a cop. Stop being a cop. Stop being a co

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