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pet peeve about the term "nsfw" 

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ahhhh, warm undies clean fresh from the dryer

A friend pinged me that he had turnips buying for 131, I had 5500 so I made two trips over there and cashed in big time, having bought at 94 bells earlier this week.

That'll pay for a few more bridges and ramps.

switch: ok this download will take about an hour, if anything uses internet it'll stop

me: ok, let's play Mario World for half an hour; ok done

switch: download paused because Mario World used the internet, resuming, hour and a half left

me: *cries*

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There, just in case people get confused and don't think a brick wall means "stay out"

can you tell i dont like jeremiah

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Jeremiah took sick so I've made sure to socially and physically isolate him

hopefully this means there will be an open house soon and I can find cool bunnies on random islands to invite

review of Galaga mini arcade cabinet: meh

review of Galaga mini arcade cabinet WITH RATS: !!!

gates open for the next hour or so while I'm afk napping

stop by if we haven't established in game friends yet, @RustyRetro @The1AndMany

at entrance is nose for Logan, furniture I forget what it's called for Sam, and two recipes for whoever wants

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Can't believe the queen said "but first a message from our sponsor, Raid Shadow Legends"

I wish switch had a way to contact friends; I keep seeing people I'm friends with start playing , and I would really like to pester them about establishing being in-game friends so we can mail, but there's no way to get their initial attention if they're not also paying attention to Mastodon.

@Manik double sell item at Nook's is a bird bath, bc they know how dirty Manik is :o

oh gosh every alt switch user has to sit through the unskippable kk slider concert

i just wanted to check inventory quickly but guess guitar dog has other plans

halp i invested too much in the stalk market and i cant afford necessities anymore

+ 72,000 bells - stripmine an island
- 23,600 bells - cute new outfits at Mabel's
- 3,200 bells - K K album of the day
-392,000 bells - turnips

someone good with budgeting contact me I don't know what I'm doing wrong

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covid adj, request/question :BoostOK: 

acnh bunny day(-) 

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acnh bunny day 

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