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I can't believe I don't have one of these pinned already.

Anyway hi! I'm Mycroft. I've been a furry for roughly 27-ish years. I'm a greymuzzle by now.

I'm not too deep into the furry community, or any community really.

I'm a socially awkward nerd (white cis male/demiguy irl) that can sometimes get overwhelmed. Please say hi and get to know me before requesting to follow here, I take it as kind of an obligation.

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pet peeve about the term "nsfw" 

I'd like very much if people stopped using the term "nsfw", especially in CWs. If you mean lewd, say lewd. If you mean violence, say violence. If you mean something else, say it.

Not everybody works in the same conditions. I don't like the bar of what's deemed presentable or not to be solely based on the viewpoint of what some middle-class office worker could be caught looking at.

ph- mh- 

I'm still not feeling well from the food poisoning, second time in a week. I got a scare and was briefly banned from the local game store I hang out at every weekend. And my single user instance is down. Not having a good day.

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Hey fellow music makers,
The co-founder of Spitfire Audio has announced that "as a parent" he supports J.K Rowling and Graham Linehan. You know, raging British transphobes #1 and #2.

Either he's massively naive or willfully ignorant.

I suggest you cease supporting them with money if you don't already 🏴‍☠️ their products. Honestly I'm torn over wether or not I should continue using their free plugins, because they're really good. I wonder how big a security threat VSTs could be though.

Incoming main mastodon account move!

If you see a follow request from then yes, that's me.

TIL there's a reason people have been talking about the color purple the last couple days

official mastodon logo is changing its color to purple

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@mawr @Mycroft *actively being crimed on by five mega-corporations* suckers in other countries don't even HAVE five megacorps to crime them :cryingeagle:

somewhen there might have been a time traveler who thought "well, I really don't like how this cult managed to summon cthulhu to devour the world, I'll just go back in time and assassinate cult leader Franz Ferdinand before he discovers the cursed ancient writings in the first place, nice and clean"

me: ah, finally done with work for the night, I worked hard so I could get out early

me: *punches out three minutes early*

listening to the Big Picture Science podcast episode Fantastic-er Voyage and hearing scientists talk about slime robots

ending morning prayers with, "you have stats, therefore I can kill you, so give me my spell slots, amen"

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thinking about a D&D cleric that treats their relationship with their deity like a cat and their caretaker

what would be the cleric equivalent of laying across the keyboard

I want to play a cleric who would travel to the astral realm just to find their god while they're sleeping and sit on their face to demand attention

two people: 👰‍♀️👰💒💍🥂

world: oh they're best friends becoming roommates

google and duckduckgo are both failing me

they keep giving me articles on how to survive a zombie apocalypse

i just want to know what rituals and practices to bury a body that are most believed to prevent it from rising as a zombie

i will not be taking questions and this is unrelated to any criminal activity i may or may not be planning in the future

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apartment hunting 

I'm finding some great affordable places to live, problem is availability; the smaller and more expensive places are open, the bigger cheaper ones are all spoken for


having a gyro at a diner

first one I've eaten this millennium

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