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The name's Mort! I like reptiles, monsters, queer things, and sharp pointy teeth.

🦴 Nonbinary - they/them
🐾 Part time deviled egg, part time goblin cat.
🐶 Yes, I take commissions.
🔞 This space contains material that is nsfw.
🥚 This space is: kink, body, sex, trans, & queer positive!
🚫 I don't tolerate: racism, pedophilia, minors, ableism, anything with non consenting partners, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, incest, or slut shaming.

🎨 : myself, nuka_cat
myself, nuka_cat!

Adult Content - oviposition 

More of my frogge, nsfw edition!

Mature Content - BDSM/rope, Nudity, Xmas spirit 

Looks like Church might be waiting a while! 💦
Church uses he/they!

@Mortimusmaximus Oh apparently the animation isn't working so I guess you'll have to use your imagination.

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Mature Content - Nudity 

Look at Lacey's new shoes!! Lacey uses she/her and belongs to kipper0308 on Twitter!

Mature Content - Nudity 

Reference I was working on for my Trike, Oleander! Pronouns are he/they!

Drew myself up a Warnersona but turned it into a character, actually. Their name is Blot and they use they/them!

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