dronekink goof 

What if i turned you into a cat haha it's a funny prank

the trolly problem but ig et to drive the trolley i dont mean this as an allegory or symbolism or something i just think it wouldbe fun

being needlessly cruel 

being needlessly cruel 

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USPOL, FDA, extremely important if you have food allergies 

hypnokink, identity rewrite 

you ever thinks plato's ghost sees a movie theater and is upset because someone stole his allegory and made it fun


in the star trek canon, gaslighting is instead called ‘fivelighting’

"...and they were pupy!" oh my god they were pupy

You know what? I'm sick and tired of queerphobia in academia, everyone is saying that it's such a phallacy and that you shouldn't do it but fuck it, I think we SHOULD add homomen

Get more frags in your next deathmatch with FRAG MASTER

really glad that we debated all the right wing weirdos in the marketplace of ideas until they left.... oh wait you mean we just blocked them instead and cut off the supply of troll food that they require to sustain themselves, leaving their communities to rot in their own hateful filth? who could have predicted this

if you meet buddha on the side of the road, tell him "fifteen miles to the love shack"

man goes to his therapist. says he's been pretty sad lately. says he's been having trouble finding the joy in things.

therapist asks him if there have been any times he *has* been happy recently. man thinks for a second, then nods. says he's felt comparatively joyful on his commutes home every night, riding the bus downtown from capitol hill.

therapist closes his notebook and nods. "that makes sense," he says. "bus 10 makes me feel good, too."

urgent begpost/ I haven’t eaten today 

if someone from a marginalized group is enjoying something problematic, please exercise restraint in how you share criticism of said thing

you might intend to be helpful, but also you might come off like “foolish marginalized person, you’re far too naive to realize why this thing you love is Actually Bad. Let me, a privileged person, explain why you’re not allowed to experience joy”

A) they’re likely already aware, B) a lot of people are hugely underserved and don’t have limitless alternatives

Drawn nudity 

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