can't wait for direct to vhs Disney's Ready Player 1½

ohh, gimme the catboys and free my soul,
i wanna hug them cuz they're cute and smol,
and super gay, 🎶

you win at furry when you make it impossible for someone to think of you and not think of your favorite animal too

horny branding idea: fictional company that makes transformation drugs called Vapeshifter

if you uninstall toby fox's most successful and wildly popular game, then your device becomes sans undertale

fun piece of Battletech lore: a space navy is just called a navy, and a normal boats and stuff navy is called a "wet navy"

You, talking about how much commission work you're going to get done: "I feel really productive today!"

Me, doing the same: "Father, I desire violence."

FROM THE PATREON: this piece was loosely inspired by Paul W.S. Anderson's transformative 2004 tour de force Alien Versus Predator, which i had watched the night previous and which, i regret to inform you, is very horny in parts

subscribe today: #nsfw

tip to not fuck up your friend’s pronouns, especially if they’ve changed their pronouns recently: practice them when your friend isn’t around

practice your friend’s pronouns to yourself out loud. repeat phrases that you often say about them with the correct pronouns to yourself. likewise if they ask you to use a different name, say their name and pronouns to yourself over and over again. mistakes happen, but you can reduce the frequency of the mistakes by practicing

GAMING FACT! "Undertale" is actually an anagram of the game's working title, "Anal Thunder"

US Pol, journalism, hypocrisy 

When I saw this, it took me a moment to see the joke. Once I did, I couldn't stop laughing.

ff14 idea that would improve the game immensely 

change the tank skill Shirk to Shork, a skill that launches a giant ragdolling blahaj at someone.

🎶 it's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right
I hope you did a crime with your wife :qvp: 🎶

US history, conspiracies 

there is so much terrible shit the US has done that ACTUALLY HAPPENED, so you really honestly don't need to make anything else up

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