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oh two people are left on the planet? it's a hopeful end as they look out on the sunrise? tell me how the FUCK you're going to going to establish a stable human population with no genetic mutations from just two people

every time an apocalypse movie ends with like two or three people left standing in the entire world i think about ian franklin's 50/500 rule and how much the adam and eve myth fucked us

It's 1000% hilarious to me that the sorts of people who have been using Rorschach from watchmen as a role model, are now suddenly surprised when the sequel sho points out he was kind of a racist jerkbag.

Also...calling out Watchmen-related media for being too political wooow.

cowardly of you all to call it pokemon s-word. i am simply going to march up to the gamestop counter and ask for the game "pokemon shit"

relationship feels ( - ) 


I think one of the most tiring realizations of my life, has been figuring out that bad faith, obvious untruths on things like Fox News and the like aren't meant to inform but meant to give a certain kind of person an out to support horrible things, and still think they're good.

"The impeachment hearing is a leftist coup." No, it's not, but someone who wants to hear that will latch on and not check.

"[Insert people are just violent]" No they're not, but now you can ignore their plight without feeling bad, or help it along, either way.

Article on the people responsible for causing vaping illness 

my spotify discover playlist makes me feel like i'm in the worst YA novel where because the algorithm can't figure out what songs i like i get sent to battle royale with other people who have unclassifiable tastes

twinning kink trashpost 

I offer Public Universal Friend, reborn genderless in 1776, as a counterpoint to people who think non-binary identities are a new thing.

therapist: u depressed

me: nah fam i'm just dopamine fasting 😏 feel less now, feel more later

therapist: bitch u what

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