hyper, lewd noises 

I wrote you this note cause I wanted to tell you I really like your massive nuts, but I couldn't say it out loud because their constant churning, gurgling, glorping and groaning just drowned out any attempt at conversation.

cock vore and stuffing 

Stuffing your cock into mine is easy mode.

Stuffing yourself into it is cozy mode.

Stuffing my cock into yours is expert mode.

sea monster but now it's lewd 

It's my fat dick. It's got a figure to keep and bulk out.

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sea monster 

Stories tell of a leviathan so huge that even the most raging waves don't reach even halfway up to its head. Its smooth, black skin shimmering in the daylight it blocks out. Its gaping maw descends and engulfs entire islands with ease, swallowing it whole, not even scraps remain.

probably lewd destruction 

Buildings more like crumblings

onomatopoeia intended to be lewd 

Twink more like THWACK

astronomical macro hyper lewds, hyper paws, musk 

A more accurate depiction if you know Talan.

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astronomical macro hyper lewds, hyper paws 

Playing with the greatest omnipotent entities is kinda fun, but you have to be really, really careful not to break them. Which can happen as easily as giving them an errant idea they're just too incapable of comprehending to do anything but crumble apart.

For Talan at twitter.com/TalanStrider/.

large hyper lewdness, implied destruction and death 

Perks of dating me:

Extremely soft; best bed you ever had.

Really, really fat dick to snuggle with.

Will destroy your enemies (among others.)

Won't cheat on you (there's no one left.)

Will alleviate your worst fears (I'm worser.)

Cute giggles as you're crushed beneath dust.

astronomical hyper lewds, hyper butts, cosmic destruction 

Art and Sylv snuggle!

The Jolteon is clearly more used to it than the poor Sylveon getting a little overwhelmed.

For Lux, who is at twitter.com/Big_Cat_Attack and furaffinity.net/user/regisky/.

There's a short vignette that comes along with this: cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/9

That should be all relevant artwork, stories and animations ported over from Twitter. At this point this account should basically be a mirror of that, more or less.

astronomical hyper lewds, destruction 

(Originally posted on 2021-07-12.)

How embarrassing! He slipped out and across the town, beyond the planet, far beyond the edges of the universe, through countless existences, prime planes and eldritch realms. Don't look at him like that!

A version without compression: mega.nz/file/4tox0KhS#_M81XmkA

For Bloo at twitter.com/BigBlueBoners and furaffinity.net/user/winterthe.

hyper lewds of various sizes, destruction, multiballs 

(Originally posted on 2021-07-11.)

Bunches of sketches and doodles from various Drawpiles, collated together.

Contains scribbles of characters of Lux, Chunk, Jawny, Cole, River, Skye, Phenos, Stan and Radio.

Uncompressed: mega.nz/file/AxAwULCR#RfTmJc8m

astronomical macro, destruction, death 

(Originally posted on 2021-07-09.)

Vignette: Empty

So Aitch said a thing and accidentally gave a story prompt.

In which a giant bandicoot girl visits her friends and accidentally annihilates them by her mere arrival.

FurAffinity (needs an account): furaffinity.net/view/42696317

CryptPad (no account needed): cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/K

Aitch is at twitter.com/HF393 and furaffinity.net/user/hf393/.

hyper lewds 

(Originally posted on 2021-07-04.)

πŸ¦‡ πŸ† ⚑

Echo Beat the electric aubergine fluttermouse gives the squishiest hugs and licks to his exceedingly fat dick.

For Javeloz at furaffinity.net/user/shadowsun and twitter.com/Javeloz_Sspark.

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