Pretty weird making a cyberpunk game and just calling it Cyberpunk. That’s like making a puzzle game called Puzzle. It takes minimum effort to an absurd extreme.

“Hey, I’m nearly finished writing the manuscript for my novel!”

“Cool, what kind of book is it?”

“It’s a horror story.”

“Nice. What’s it called?”


“Yeah, you said that, but what’s the story called?”

“It’s called Horror.”

@InvaderXan This sounds like something you would do for a satire piece of an entire genre.

@Miloillan13 Oh my god. It’s literally what they did with Scary Movie in the 2000s. But this time they’re doing it unironically.

@InvaderXan Part of me hopes that CP2077 takes its grimdark edginess to high camp levels for exactly this reason.

@Miloillan13 Sadly, I’m not convinced that the creators possess that level of self awareness


@InvaderXan That lack of self-awareness would be what makes it campy in the first place.

@Miloillan13 I hope so. Honestly, I tend to find that the more entertainingly campy things tend to be the ones that realise that they’re campy. On the other hand, stories and games alike are easily ruined by taking themselves far too seriously!

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