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Flashing lights, TERF mention, shitpost 

Live footage of me punching a real TERF!

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Rant about progressivism 

In my opinion, progressivism is, first and foremost, an attitude, a state of mind.

The progressive mindset is all about approaching new information with curiosity, and open ears. It's about asking questions before making judgements. Above all it's not about what your opinions are, but how you form them.

As progressives we should really try to sell ourselves on these points, because if we did we could get a lot more people to listen...

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@Kyoji I'm so glad I joined mastodon. It's been a truly welcoming experience.

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Disney, I challenge you! Make a movie where the first 10-15 minutes is a classic "save the princess from the tower" schtik. But then, it turns out the princess is actually a prince, and they fall in love immediately. Then the rest of the movie is about getting their parents to approve the marriage.

You won't do it, but my challenge stands nonetheless.

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Weird ass dream, also hazing I guess. 

So I'm in this mall that has this secret upper floor all run by harpies. Somehow I find my way up there and there's honey all over this balcony outside one of the shops.(because apparently harpies here are also like bees)

Mild Lewd, also sad. 

Freak on the streets, Lady in the sheets.

scientists are like "rats drive cars with no reward" bitch the fun bumper car rides are the reward, if you're gonna keep assuming the only reward ever for anything non-human is food you're gonna be eternally surprised

gender, pronouns, boosts very much appreciated 

Screw it, adding a poll in addition to hoping for more elaborate answers.

Would be happy for boosts. I'd like to have as wide a variety of responses as possible.

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just a reminder independent sources have shown that the cheapest way to end homelessness and crime are to.

1. just give people a place to live
2. give them a source of income even if they have a felony on the record.

Asking for help, bill, cancer, boost+++ pls 

We just got the bill for the cancer surgery and it's lower than the estimates! In fact if we can get the fundraiser to $4000 ($1856 to go!) we can pay it out of hand and still have a buffer for continuing doctor visits.

So while this has become Urgent again, it can be solved, and we will beat cancer. Below is the redacted bill, also to be posted on GFM. Please share and give as you can!

#TransCrowdFund #mutualaid

I've made the mistake of letting my dad try to teach me to change the brakes on my car. 3 hours later I've gotten one off and the new one slightly on, and I'd have rather spent those three hours at work. At least there I'd be getting paid and the worst suffering I'd be experiencing is boredom.

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need $16 for my planned parenthood appointment, $50 for groceries, and $80 for medical weed

i didn't get the 2nd and 3rd stimulus because my abusive parents claimed me as a dependent to steal them. i tried filing my taxes but they got rejected, and the credit card application i needed to confirm my identity got rejected too, so i'm gonna be calling the IRS at some point when i have the energy and such

i've been trying to find a job video editing or something, i can't work anywhere facing the public because i have asthma and if i catch covid i'll die excruciatingly




thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

Lil Nas X would fit in on Masto and i want him here

I just saw a lady in the store today who had rainbow leopard print hair. It was the gayest thing I've ever seen and I'm living for it.

I had a customer ask me what my pronouns are at the register today. It caught me WAY off guard and flustered me something fierce.

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