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since my old introduction is boring and barebones and I crave attention youre getting a new one from me 

♤ my names MeriMeri online (can be shortened to Meri)
@StarUndrscre hi :3c
◇ I go by all pronouns (neopronouns like ze/zer are allowed too)
♧ I'm currently hyperfixated on Paladins, my favourite show is Sailor Moon (90s) and some more stuff I like is The World Ends With You, Indie games from Celeste to Ultrakill, and rock music (still broadening my horizons with music but I love glass beach)


fuCK i think i might have it too

i've had on and off headaches and something in my throat i can't describe, tomorrow is gonna be hell

my biggest fear of covid is a long-term parosmia, one of my friends have it and I really don't want to experience it

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aaaaaaaaand i think my family got covid from my sisters wedding

it was such a good day and I was gonna see her again tomorrow, sucks but what can you do

havent used fedi in a long while im gonma try coming back :ms_shooting_star:

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hey... *opens up coat, revealing a bunch of tiny miscollas*

you pet one of them, and fae awoos, causing every other miscolla to awoo. they are blessing you with the best of luck

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misinfo, shitposting, death 

you know if you drink the blue liquid from a magic 8 ball you can actually see the future my friend Keith did it and said he was going to die and he did

"ill bring my glasses to the car so i can look at the pretty trees while listening to music"

falls asleep for the entire journey

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gender - 

why is every irl's perception of men so agonizing, i hate gender >:(

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I'm back on this platform to say

Happy Pride Monfffffff

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🏳️‍🌈I wish everyone a great Pride-Month🏳️‍🌈

Keep being you!
Keep being strong!
And keep being Awesome!

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it's again already? feels like it was here two months ago, so either im time traveling or i have a year-long gap in memory

either way, happy pride! it's the time to be yourself even more than you usually do! i think! im bad at words ok if i misworded this pls don't yell

:ms_asexual_flag: (there's no demiromantic flag here :dragnsad:)

joint cracking 

my right ankle is the best and most satistying joint to pop but it happens so rarely

it feels godly though

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moneybeg, escaping abusive parents, please help 

however if you still want to donate to me, first off, thank you, generous stranger, I owe you my life. and second, here.

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