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since my old introduction is boring and barebones and I crave attention youre getting a new one from me 

♤ my names MeriMeri online (can be shortened to Meri)
@StarUndrscre hi :3c
◇ I go by all pronouns (neopronouns like ze/zer are allowed too)
♧ I'm currently hyperfixated on Paladins, my favourite show is Sailor Moon (90s) and some more stuff I like is The World Ends With You, Indie games from Celeste to Ultrakill, and rock music (still broadening my horizons with music but I love glass beach)

i had a dream where i shoplifted a can of monsters but fell bad so I wentnback to buy the can of monsters

my favourite teacher from my old school became deputy head over the last 3 years

i cried tears of joy, that woman is still girlbossing so hard i bet

cant wait to be done with school so i can burn my uniform

that geography test was hell

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I love that you can’t talk about the history of any South American country without a part where the USA intervened and completely ruined the country.

pol, mario meme 

bowser is canonically communist

in mario party when you land on a bowser tile there is an event called "Bowser Revolution" where he evens out everyones coins

in the new mario party he says "I'm making the world a better place"

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the existence of a legal name implies the existence of a better, sexier illegal name

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nintendo switch sports gave me a need for shark boys in crop tops

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Some redneck with a t shirt that says "you threaten my family and I'll be the last thing you see" is a very america thing

blowing bubbles into drink through a straw fun

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have you ever tried to copy and paste text from a pdf file and it's like scraping plastic off a frying pan

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i felt so sick after the exam and theyre still making me do PE because its "just nerves"

that was the easiest test of my LIFEwdymmmmm

two essay exams in one day

my brain is fried andnmy right hand has died

goodnight fedi!

chubby people are fun to squish, just make sure you have permission first

transphobe getting punched 

i exxagerated bc it was only one punch

one REALLY good punch tho

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transphobe getting punched 

i got deadnamed today on purpose and i got one really strong friend to beat the shit outta them

i love my irls

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hot take 

Propaganda is less wrong when it's done by anarchists because propaganda traditionally exists to establish control while anarchism moves to abolish control

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