Update on Raffelizer on youtube because 2 minutes of talking by me is too much for Twitter. xD


I added a bunch of configuration options and dialogs into the Raffelizer - they're pretty rough, but they work. If anyone wants to try it out on their Twitch/Picarto stream, let me know and I can send you a build! :)

Awww yis, Picarto and Twitch support is fully working now and allows you to define the Picarto chat url as well as the Twitch channel name to use and saves them into a settings file. That was a headache and a half. xD

Now I "just" have to make this all like... Selectable within the program. How joyful.

You basically have to connect to a websocket that forwards chat messages sent from a internal irc chat, then use the webrequest Twitch APIs (with Oauth Authentication no less <.<) to request the user info and THEN you finally get a url with the profile picture back. Sheesh.

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That was WAY more complicated than I expected but hooooooo boyyyyy

Twitch Support works. XD

I supppooooose I should also look into the Twitch API finally. Which means I need to re-sort my setting menu... Again. Mweh! xD

The Raffleizer is working as it should now, so now I am to polishing... Which also means I need to draw a lot of things. xD I wanna make it so that the avatars get a random floating weapon images spawned next to them that they take into the "battle" (like a mallet, sword, katana, broken off bottle, boxing gloves, shrink ray etc). Make a background image and draw a bunch of particles to spawn like confetti, stars, random objects to fly out of the fight like an anvil, dynamite and flames.

I wonder if I should make it possible to feed avatars from other places than just Picarto into the Rafflenator. Twitch is definitely something I wanna plan, but maybe also Patreon? I dunno if people would wanna post videos of their follower's avatars brawling it out. xD

Another update on the "Picarto Raffelizer" before I go to bed. z.Z Pretty happy with how it's coming along! :D

Made some good progress on the raffelizer ^^ It can already grab the avatar of a raffle participant from Picarto after the keyword is written, then place them on the battlefield and let them move to the middle on start. And spawn some placeholder smoke particles. xD

No idea how feasible it is, but I am pretty sure at least on Twitch it should be pretty doable with the APIs?

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Basically a little program that reads a Twitch or Picarto Chat, looks for the raffle word and then fetches the name and avatar image of the person and spawns it on a "Battlefield". After the streamer presses start, the winner is rolled and all avatars get into a cartoon-like brawl in the middle, with like... Smoke and dust clouds and such - one by one, avatars are then ejected from the brawl until only the winner remains.

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I am loking into doing some programming with the GoDot engine. I have this kind of... Idea, where I wanna make a "Rafflenator" program.

I once traded art for code (I made a Telegram bot that posts art posted on Twitter automatically to a Telegram Chat channel) and it was kind of fun. Kinda wanna do that more some time... ^^

I'm gonna be at Eurofurence this year! :O Hope to meet you guys there! :D

artfight furry 

Attack on @hoppelhoop@Twitter 's Fakemon Pamboo! Who was fun to draw and figure out. They spread pollen with their tail! :D

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