.@PawncePuma@twitter.com "Can you Photoshop me next to Hulk Hogan with the American flag? I need it for work"


Send me an email asking if I can help you after my boss didn't respond for 10 minutes AND put a read receipt on it? Lady, you are not making any friends this morning

DeKalb county blowing up my phone last night (call, text and email) talking about the rising cases in the county/state, wear a mask, etc.
Georgia, you've got to get your shit together

Pounded hard by the punk rock existential dread

Wheezing XD

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it is very important to know what story YOU are currently in as a fictional character please report back and share this important buckaroo message thanks

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What a way to begin my day...πŸ™πŸΎβ™₯️✊🏾😁

Oh, and good morning y’all! twitter.com/bdavewalters/statu

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Today's project. Waterproofing and getting the screen tent set up so I can sit outside without bugs

I hate this map with ever fiber of my being >:(

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July begins this week. Here's an outlook for the temperatures you can expect next month: weather.com/forecast/national/

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Starting a new bullet journal this morning, should take me through the end of the year. Basically chewing through notebooks I've been given by vendors at work

Also the water/ice dispenser. At some point it was central air but then we got it and I knew we weren't wealthy

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My wife grew up thinking that having water/ice dispensers IN THE FRIDGE DOOR was a life goal.

I grew up thinking if you had a basketball hoop with a clear/plexiglass backboard, you were rich.

What are some things you thought were indicators of wealth when you were a kid?

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That moment you mash SQL for an hour, get the data you need (and it's correct!) but realize it pulls stuff you can't update, and therefore can't help :(

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This scene from The Big Ugly is the reason why I took the movie. It says everything you need to know about those who would besmirch the dignity of our country by displaying a symbol of being on the wrong side of history.

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Trying to figure out how many small projects I want to cram into this Home Depot order

Too nice to tell the old lady she cut in front of me at the Post Office due to social distancing :p

I'm 35 and 19

In the past 10 years it's only been 3 different places

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I wanna see something

how old are you and how many places have you lived in (meaning the building, not the area)

i’m 31 and 11

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Had 2 socially distant football practices this week and while I'm so glad to be exercising again, my body was not ready. I'll be on the floor if you need me

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