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Attention furries:

I have a room available at MCFC but do to some circumstances, I am the only one in the room. I am looking to try to fill it if anybody is in need of room.

If I can't find roomies, I may end up cancelling or giving my room away

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Yay! My @SpikeTheBeetle@twitter.com plush came in! :D

Took Amtrak to Chicago yesterday to catch up with @StudyChemistry@twitter.com and do coffee things <3

Did a concession stand at the MSU game today, some of the profits go towards my football team. My Dad came out and helped too <3

I would've bought them all individually, but this works too


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Now official, you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend .

For the full details, see:

With the rising COVID-19 rates we're seeing right now, we could not see a path forward without that.

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I have a deadline for audit today and suddenly no one wants to read their emails and ask questions that were covered in the email I sent weeks ago. SCREAM

The worst part is this is a carbon copy of what we've been doing for our biggest brand for years, but for a smaller brand

Saw my personal trainer for the first time in a month and a half yesterday morning. My everything hurts

Chiming in with everyone else in the Midwest. Swamp. Ass

Had an awesome time at IFC and met some excellent people <3

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IFC shenanigans with @kinn_thejag@twitter.com, @NovaDrox@twitter.com, @HybridInTheory@twitter.com, and @vexthehuski@twitter.com

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Tuna wanted to do yoga for sciatica (with @yogawithadriene@twitter.com) with me

Estimated 8-12 weeks to get my new work laptop because of the supply chain. Jesus

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