Happy 10th birthday to my dog-child, Bishop, who is unfortunately not feeling well today :(

Starting to think about a house/pet sitter is nerve wracking. Can I just import @Zesty@twitter.com?

I did an hour of HIIT this morning and now I want to die and/or take a nap

The Lion King community on fanart. lionking.org 1998

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What was the first Internet community you were part of? Bonus points if you can pin down the year.

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I have a separate savings account that money goes into every paycheck because of upkeep

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it's always interesting when I try to explain to people what goes into purchasing a home and all the maintenance costs that's involved, hidden issues, and they ignore me.

Like bruh...........I've done this before listen.

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My New Years resolution is to get better at remembering coupons, because damn, do I suck

Bought replacement toothbrush heads on Amazon and got the German packaging XD

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Michigan woman’s TikTok video wins Christmas tree made of 130 Jameson whiskey bottles j.mp/3rl6GdU

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Canis onca

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Oh, you're a furry? Name your species' scientific name.

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Taking a break from calorie counting this week, there's too much delicious. I'm still doing morning cardio, we got the elliptical in the basement on Sunday so when the weather turns to shit later this week I can still exercise

*watching a fireplace on TV*
"I like the way the skin burns first"
"Yeah, the wood skin"
You mean bark? XD

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