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Considering it's 5 in the afternoon, I should probably eat breakfast

For some reason I thought Second Life was on DockerHub? Which would be strange, but for some reason I was under the impression I could install Second Life through Docker. I'm bummed 😕

Drummyfish, Homophobia/Transphobia, Pedophilia 

Hey, just going to throw it out there that the Drummyfish person is a pedophile defender and a homophobe/transphobe.

Their game is an accomplishment, and it's interesting looking, but I honestly can't get excited about it

:goblin: New goblin stickers just dropped! :goblin: 

Check out these freakin gobs, fresh of the presses!! Available now on my Etsy in a balanced party pack or individually :metal_hmn_g1:

I want to follow more autistic folks

Any recommendations?

Lewd shitpost 

Honestly, my schedule is swamped.

Banging your mom

I've got my chronic pain management group for my aching dick and balls

My relationship therapist trying to convince us to have a little less sex

Anyway, see you around 😅


Honestly, that was really great from earlier 😛

Past meta 

Also, lesser importance, I feel like my access to cute furry art and roleplay is wildly reduced now. It sucks

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choose your gender

Past meta 

I'll never make a Twitter because I'd really rather disconnect from the world than have my worldview at the whim of unknown algorithms.

This really sucks, because this means that the very real problems that Mastodon has translates directly to the people I am able to connect with. It means fewer furries. It means an absurd number of white people. It means everyone has a background in tech that isn't representative of the average person

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Past meta 

I... really wish Snouts hadn't gone down the way it did. I wish people realized that there is more than one instance OnHere. I wish that people on Snouts tried to listen when people warned that it had real problems

MH (~) 

Feeling more calm. I'm still struggling, and will likely continue to struggle for a long time, with feeling alone in the absence of friends

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