I wanna resurrect the QuakeNet IRC channel. We can gush about cool map finds and memes. Who wants to join? πŸ™‚

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@MadestMadness That, um, tells me nothing? :3

[Ah, HexChat has it in the default list, that gives me the settings. But I can't really just /know/ like that. >,,>]

@MadestMadness Thanks!

...maybe I should've. I tend to avoid doing websearches on things to get the same result as anyone else; hearing how Google manipulates things has ruined me I guess. >,,<

@MadestMadness Uhh, what's the port? *tilts head*

...they uh, /do/ support SSL, right?

@MadestMadness yeah I'm in, do we have to oust some bots that have sat in it since 2003?

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