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"There's nothing we can do to prevent other people from doing bad things to us" is neoliberal bullshit no matter what form it takes.

People having their data copied and used in contexts that wasn't consented to just isn't ok period. I won't accept any excuses to the contrary, but I especially won't accept "there is no technical reason why they couldn't".

There's no technical reason why I couldn't walk out my door this morning and get shot. That doesn't make it inevitable or ok.

re: Hot Take, Meta 

@MadestMadness No, it's not okay. But we're not sure what can be done about this...

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@Elizafox In doing this, they contradict their own ethical evaluation. They acted on the assumption that none of the instances had policies against their data being copied. That isn't true. Challenging this legally should be easy once it's started.

After that, we start a campaign for getting as many instances to disable anonymous timelines as possible, as well as whitelisting bigger instances.

There are lots of technical methods, but also social ones.

re: Hot Take, Meta 

@MadestMadness Yeah but tbh this is like unringing a bell. It's out there now. The thing about information is it's so easy to copy you'll never eradicate all of it. Hell, if you figure out how to get rid of all copies of everything, let the crew who filmed the Star Wars Holiday Special know...

re: Hot Take, Meta 

@Elizafox "There's nothing we can do to prevent people from doing bad things to us, and therefore abuse is warranted, inevitable, and no attempts to prevent this should be made."

I see a lot of this specific mindset, too.

re: Hot Take, Meta 

@MadestMadness @Elizafox
Reminds me of "the boomer trolley problem":
Would it be fair to the people the trolley already killed to divert it now?

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