I'm honestly really frustrated with how aggressive Mastodon UI is with auto-suggesting hashtags. It should *never* undo my capitalizations in hashtags. If I'm not currently hovering over a hashtag, it shouldn't suggest how I should format it. They're actively preventing from making my post easier for screen readers to speak.

I had noticed this.
I tend to use camel case most of the time elsewhere. I then start doing it with a tag here. See that it is in use, but lower case only and switch.
I did so because I didn't want to create a separate tag, but join with those already using it.

I *assumed* without any thought or justification, until now, they were case sensitive as the suggestions switched.

Odd thinking on my part I am sure.

However, now I need to find out if they actually are. 🤔

@MadestMadness I have had this frustration as well. I wish to make it easier to read, but Mastodon wants to "autopredict" it.

Is there an issue filed for this?

@masterofthetiger I'm not sure if formally, but Eugen mentioned that this was a problem somewhere in this thread 🙂

@MadestMadness Word. Capitalizing in hashtags is such a small thing we can do to assist disabled users. Undoing it is *grrrrr*.

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