Hot Take 

Abusing hashtags is essentially never funny. It makes it harder to find stuff, and it's almost kinda shitting on things other people find important by drowning them out with incomprehensible shitposts. 😕

It'd be like if everyone started posting just straight up spam in the hashtags for "art" or "chess" and disrupting actual conversation.

And if anyone's thinking "ohhh, well she's getting all upset, she's taking this too seriously", I guess fuck me for caring about something, right?

Hot Take 

It's part of the alt right/gab and their sympathisers attempting to disrupt the federation that rightfully rejects them.

Hot Take 

@mlubert I haven't seen that in my experience, but my instance tends to be good at silencing fascists before they are allowed to speak. I've mostly seen this as an attempt at mocking techbros lecturing people in bad faith, but I see uninvolved people affected way more consistently, here.

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