I wonder if there are Mastodon communities for fashion. πŸ€”

I wonder if there are open culture clothes, and what that might mean.

How are clothes made? Can this be done in a decentralized way which benefits from the sharing of information? πŸ€”

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@MadestMadness afraid I do not have an answer to most of that -- but surely there are #CC0 sewing patterns / templates ? though a cursory query does not show a massive online database so... perhaps something worth creating.

@MadestMadness and we already have automatic sewing/weaving machines, so perhaps some form of small scale "3D printer for clothes" is a possibility? Just download the latest styles, enter your personal measurements and go?
As you probably can tell, not much experience with making clothes, to have had a few friends that only wore self-made items.

@MadestMadness *though not to... definitely need to step away from the pc and get β˜•

@MadestMadness Haven't found sewist communities on Mastodon, only individual sewists.

Some hackerspaces are devoting space and time to it, but it requires a seed of someone who knows what they're doing and can show the ropes. But they're usually not free, because the material costs are significant. Ultimately, making your own clothes isn't cheaper than buying, in both time and materials.

I still do it (some, I'm more of a quilter) because it's fun and I like it.

@sashakovich @MadestMadness I really wish there were more 'makerspaces' that had sewing equipment.
Sewing from scratch is very costly in time and money BUT tailoring/remixing second-hand items is a whole different story imo.

I just...don't have the equipment for it atm :(

@nursemchurt @MadestMadness I hear ya. My hackerspace is exactly far enough away that I don't go to the Sunday open-sews as much as I would like to. They have two industrial machines and the Juki and I are in love

But also I would love to learn to use a serger where someone else is paying for the maintenance costs because those fuckers are a PITA

@sashakovich @MadestMadness I wish Houston wasn't such a sprawling nightmare, I know enough people where we all WANT to learn to do this and could probably crowdsource buying equipment overtime but...


@nursemchurt @MadestMadness Yeah. Same situation, but Detroit. They did do the thing, and it's still too far away! :neko_cry: :neko_cry: :neko_cry:

@MadestMadness I used to work for a clothing manufacturer. Most clothing worn today is mass produced in factories, where garments costs are determined to the inch (materials) and by the minute (labor). Most clothing worn in the world is sewn in the places where labor is the cheapest so that profits can be as high as possible. And when you go back about 100 years, almost all clothing was made as one-of-a-kind, made to fit the person who would wear the garment by a single seamstress or tailor.

@MadestMadness It isn't so much a thing any more, but Swap O Rama Rama was a framework for hosting clothing swap parties with DIY stations (sewing, repair, screen printing).

Using the equipment marketed at designers in a maker-like 'fashion' isn't entirely unheard of in the fediverse...

@MadestMadness fashion makes a personality, and education polishes that personality. So, I take care of both fashion and study, I try to wear clothes according to the events and buy most of my clothing and outfits from

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