sometimes i take a screenshot of my desktop so future me finds it and thinks "oh god, i used to use computers like that?"

oh wow

this is the php-based porn database/categoriser i was making two years ago

i'm very conflicted on the UI. i sorta like it, but those stars are hideous and the bar at the bottom is silly

also i used to have a status bar with firefox :blobcatderpy:

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my old software page, fuuuugck

i was VERY focused on form over function back then

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holy fuck i used to put in the bare minimum amount of thought required for programming on school assignments

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i'm glad i backed up all my stuff from school. where would i be without these four different versions of hello world written in visual basic backed up to onedrive

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i'd upload all these old projects but

a. theyre almost certainly full of my deadname
b. at least one of them has images that show what school i went to

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there's a slider labeled "skin colour" and it just goes from left to right

no labels, no more options, nothing. just lower or higher. what the hell

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i am going to travel back in time and stop myself from ever creating this

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probably the worst thing i have ever personally created. lewd but far from sexually enticing. 

i have sinned

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dear past lynne:

wanting to have a partner that is shorter or taller than you is not a kink


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OCR Output 

(Couldn't find a language with the name 'what', falling back to default.)

Character Settings



Basic I Genital

© Dominant

© Switch

© Top
© Don't mind

© Submissive © Bottom


Recharge time

Preferred genitalia



In response to... I}


Sexualit IPersonalit I Outi I


Receivin I Givin I

‘Being property)

Being commanded


© Being teller than partner

© Being shorter than partner
© Being stronger than partner

© Being weaker than partner

Note that “slut” means "promiscuous girl", All characters are girls.

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