Well I couldn't leave well enough alone and added more shading to this scene. Also here's a bit of a loop animation on it too!

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I suspended albin.social but not for exactly the same reason as everyone else. I did it because i think the principle of cutting off commercial instances before they gain traction is the only way to keep the fediverse from being colonized by commercial forces.

enter the CURSED MAUSOLEUM at your own PERIL mortals!

lil' graveyardish tileset I put together.

#pixelart #mastoart niu.moe/media/yfQRiT2R2HRXRur-

Does anyone still have communication with someone who used to go by the handle β€œgloomy sheep”? I used to talk to them and I wanna try to talk to them again.

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petition to replace "female/male usb/hdmi/etc port" with "top/bottom port"

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-makes tiny, little, quiet reets in the dark, being silly- πŸ˜›πŸ˜Š

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