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I wonder if there are Mastodon communities for fashion. πŸ€”

I wonder if there are open culture clothes, and what that might mean.

How are clothes made? Can this be done in a decentralized way which benefits from the sharing of information? πŸ€”

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Microfic, Food mention 

A middle aged fennec dad straightens his plaid button up shirt as he sit down at the breakfast table. He looks over his coffee and eggs before he reaches for his newspaper. He fluffs the newspaper as he opens it. His glasses start to slide down his face, which goes unnoticed.

Another fennec climbs down the stairs and makes their way into the kitchen. "'Morning, Dad."

The dad lets out a tiny squeak of acknowledgement as they look over their newspaper with a smile. πŸ¦ŠπŸ³πŸ“°πŸ‘“

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A cardboard box is labeled "Fennecs. Be careful. Very hyper." The cardboard box falls over, and a big pile of sleeping fens tumbles out. All of the fens stay silent, each of them have their eyes shut tight.

One of them opens their eyes, stares up at you vacantly, blinks a few times, and then shuts their eyes again. 🦊😴

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Romantic Relationships 

Enter into a romantic relationship with the fenenc! πŸ˜ƒ 🦊 ❀️

- Soft
- Sweet
- Reet
- Can fix your Linux

- Annoying FOSS advocate
- Probably talks about her book too much given the opportunity
- Will fall asleep in your lap when it's inconvenient

Apply today! 😊

#realanprimhours getting a small cut on my toe and fucking dying because i refuse to clean anything

@emptylullaby scratch a liberal, a fascist bleeds

Scratch an anprim, they die of infection


I wanna wrap myself in a blanket and hang out outside naked. It looks like a really peaceful night 😊

So if you've been following me for awhile, you've seen me mention Fipamo from time to time as one of the projects I've focused on.

Fipamo at it's core is a blog platform that started as I promise to myself to get writing again but only with software that I built so I can add features that I need and to share it with other folks that want something easy to use and have full control of their data.

It took a bit but it's finally in beta.

@sir GitHub has done a really good job (and the community is partially also to blame here) marketing themselves as "Where You Do FOSS Stuff"

I wish people didn't default to using GH but alas. What we need is a repo metasearch, to search SrHt/GH/GL/BitB etc. Would broaden people's horizons.

*mastodon user voice* being able to form communities based on personal identity is so beautiful *people form mastodon communities around a shared ethnic identity* hey wait no not like that


The bar is... just so incredibly low in terms of not being racist on here right now

People with XX chromosomes can have male bodies.

People with XY chromosomes can have female bodies.

Some people have other combinations of X and Y, including X, XXY, XXX, XYY, XXYY, and XXXXX.

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An estimated 1.7% of all people worldwide are intersex.

That means there are 132.6 million intersex people on Earth.

727 thousand Oceanians.
7.3 million South Americans.
10 million North Americans.
12.7 million Europeans.
22.9 million Africans.
79 million Asians.

Intersex characteristics vary wildly, and not all are obvious. Many people do not know they are intersex.

I went back to the poll about time displacement and according to the comments, a lot of white users voted "I'm not white" because they're LGBT

But that's not what the poll was about, and you didn't have to vote at all if you felt your experience wasn't represented (because it was about race in the U.S., not sexuality or gender identity)

I'm disappointed in y'all white LGBT folk cause you really had me thinking there were a lot more POC here than there really are :( Lmao

Tired: gay villain

Wired: gay hero

Inspired: hero and villain are gay for each other

@io Zero-width space! U+200B. :3

Or a zero-width joiner, U+200D.

Lewd, Furry 

Game designer: "We need the werewolf to be big, ripped, and terrifying! With big, white, dripping, snarling teeth! Something to scare the player senseless! πŸ™€"

Me: "Oh god yes 🀀"

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