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bionicle fact of the day:

the literal personification of the entire bionicle universe was voiced by Worf from star trek

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when all those bottled-up feelings pour out at once, ...

korki & julian sharing a moment in the rain. bit of a flashback to freshman year of college for these two guys, before things uh, fell apart spectacularly...

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For generations, the 21st and 22nd Centuries had been a sort of mystery to historians, with only a few written records from the period surviving into the present day. Then the Internet was rediscovered and the history books had to be rewritten.
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Some trans people are men. Some are women. Some are neither.

Some trans people have known since they were kids. Some figured it out in their 80s.

Some trans people have been on hormone replacement therapy for years. Some can't get on HRT. Some don't want to be on HRT.

Some trans people try to "pass". Some don't.

Some trans people have had surgery. Some don't want surgery. Some can't get surgery.

All trans people are valid, regardless of any of the above. :trans_heart:

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