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Microfic, Food mention 

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A cardboard box is labeled "Fennecs. Be careful. Very hyper." The cardboard box falls over, and a big pile of sleeping fens tumbles out. All of the fens stay silent, each of them have their eyes shut tight.

One of them opens their eyes, stares up at you vacantly, blinks a few times, and then shuts their eyes again. 🦊😴

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Romantic Relationships 

I just finished Gone Girl... gosh the ending was so disturbing. It was a really wonderful book, though πŸ™‚ I enjoyed it a lot πŸ™‚

weird gross dream 

i'm just really super tired of people waving around Trans Acceptance flags at trans men and trans masc people as if saying "no YOU'RE okay because you're a TRANS man" is being nice and supportive

it isn't

it's telling us "you are not a real man because real men are awful"

if you wouldn't exclude trans women by specifying they're trans instead of women then don't fucking do it to trans men either

:gimp: For those who missed the news, #GIMP got forked big time: 

-me, agonized by the lack of sorting of my MIDI files-

Son, you know those MIDI files aren't *sorted* πŸ˜•πŸ˜”πŸ˜›

If I worked at the Google Android marketing department, this is what I would have done to follow on with the Q dessert sequence.

Invent a new dessert, open source it and give it a name beginning with Q.

Never forget what you are Google, a giant powerful corporate capitalist conglomerate with tendrils everywhere, flaunt it.

A good aesthetic is a "welcome" beep chime from a nearby convenience store echoing across a silent high school football field as my friends and I talk about video games softly throughout PE 😊

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