@Lumi Too heckin' tired all the time to get anything done and I hate it! :blobcattilt:

So, a few weeks back I got those dissolvable vitamin D tablets because the regular tablets were sold out.
Turns out these tablets only contain 0.5 mcg. :/

I took 20 mcg daily with the regular tablets.
Not really surprising that I feel like crap again.

Even though my SO isn't into PokΓ©mon, he went to see Detective Pikachu today with me anyway.
Thought that was sweet. <3

Really liked the movie~

My entire home consists of leporid decorations.
I did not do it on purpose, I swear. :blobcatuwu:

I... think I actually had a nightmare about the new Sonic movie.

All these creepy pics floating around online... it messes with your subconscious, man. :blobcatcry:

Why does this: :blobcathissing: remind me of my SO when he does his silly hissing sound lmao

Am not Easter bun.
This bun doesn't even celebrate Easter. :O

Please let's have a moment of silence for all the horrors my poor toilet had to witness.

I'm going to be such a grumpy piece of shit for like, two/three weeks.

I don't deal well with DST.

Daylight savings is a myth, it's not real. Why did you fall for that nonsense, alarm clock?!

So busy~ :blobcatgoogly:
But everything is going according to schedule.

Got my hair cut and it feels liberating. uwu

Love Death + Robots had everything I adore.
It was disturbing and violent, uncanny, it was bloody and gory...
This series got me so excited, my eyes were glued to the screen. πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

TFW on a low-carb diet and realizing there's suger in absolutely EVERYTHING.

That's some scary ass shit, yo.
No wonder I've gained so much weight the past few years.
It suddenly makes sense lmao

Glad I managed to avoid the internet as much as possible on International Women's day.

Can't relate to that at all.

🎢 bobs 'n vagene
get off my screen
cause i prefer peen 🎢

Seriously, tho.
I dislike boobs and vaginas.
Having them myself I can live with, but seeing someone else's makes me super uncomfortable? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Dick pics are a-okay tho. πŸ‘€

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