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Hey there, my names Lotherme, but please call me Loth, not everybody pronounces my full name right!

I'm a Behemoth! I'm a Behemorc! I could be either one of these depending how I feel!

I love to play video games, watch streams with friends, and in general be a social monster!

A warning, expect lots of horny. Some art of my character(s) is expected to be NSFW

Art is as followed by order: @ruca

get behem gift(s)?

I don't have a steam wishlist since a real good friend of mine got the rest of them for me.

steam and nintendo e-shop codes are very cool

Bravely Default II 

Forage is such a useful skill this early on oh my gosh.

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Bravely Default II 

Just starting out and I already have a Stardust

I got Bravely Default 2 as a birthday gift from my best friend!


I'm still taking nintendo eshop cards too, I've got plenty of memory left on my mini SD card.

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Aww man... now my Steam wishlist is empty (Thanks for the gifts)

Now what? You got any recommendations to add to my wishlist? Or would you rather give me a steam gift card/wallet code?

two people posting about pawbs in a 5-minute timeframe

So I've got a few games I do want on Steam on my wishlist for my birthday.

I also accept nintendo eshop card codes. If you're wondering. But only in U.S. currency 'cause idk if it'll work with others.

been up all night...

temperature in room is really uncomfortable

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