New Zealand photo studies
~1.5hr each

Photos by Jenn Ravenna Tran
Foliage brushes by Devin Elle Kurtz

Tasugo as anthro and pokemon with his family-pack; Cooper and Ziggy. He loves them pretty much and always care for them 💕

Just got my own Obstagoon tin! The seller was very kind, even gave me a free keychain! I'm so happy!! I'm gonna store my little Obstagoon merch there! I still want the cute Obstagoon pin! 💕💕

I've been having this insanely bad luck trying to buy a second handed ipad pro at Ebay. Either they have the screen broken (i don't mind dents but not damaged screen, i get distracted), they are out of my budget, the sellers never reply to my messages or they just don't ship to my country 💢
When i have found affordable ones with shipping price, the sellers have changed them to USA only, WTF is their problem, it was international shipping at first!

Nsfw but it's cropped 

I just finished this absolutely non self indulgent non fan service and not horny drawing for my OC Tasugo. The full version is totally safe.

Narrator: but she was lying

A drawing for my OC, King Seol. A Demon King who managed to conquer the world after killing his father at his 16, and defeat every enemy that has tried to defeat him to restore peace.

It's an AU version of my fav chara, Tasugo.

The latest drawing for my Obstagoon son, Tasugo. He's been a big fan of Elvis Presley since he was a kid 💕

I tweeted something about my bad luck and made ppl worry at Twitter 😭 it wasn't my intention at all, specially over something so small. I've tried 3 times to buy this Obstagoon card and no seller will ship to my country. And now i wanted to buy a pretty handmade thing but it wasn't 100% handmade (not the part i really needed) and that was all. Just some figures for Obstagoon and Wooloo 😭

I'm hella tired and don't wanna paint anymore but ugh, i kinda forgot Feb is the shortest month! 😭

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