I'm lizer


I am lizer... in a skirt.

Cute lizer.

i'm a simple girl

i see a raboot

i break down into tears because they're such good creachures

i'm considering doing a weekly spotlight on each of my masto friends because all of y'all deserve affection and attention.

i'll call it... leafy's warmrock spotlight.

this may or may not be an excuse to tug friends onto warmrock for toasty snuggles.

lizer very tired.

lizer want warms and happiness, please.

lizer here

look at my leaf.

it is very orange.

please pet it.

Just order the sex toy, they said.

Ships in discreet, non-obvious packaging, they said.

i wonder how hard it'd be to find an artist that'd be willing to design a grovyle themed kamen rider suit...

my boyfriend trying to explain to me that the transformations are themed after certain animals, and then increasingly frustratedly trying to explain the concept of an “animal” to a pokémon

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I only don’t post about Kamen Rider Zero-One here because I expect nobody else watches it but, fuck, it’s like the sequel to Mega Man Battle Network, it’s really good

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thinkin' bout kamen rider

thinkin' about how cool it would be to transform into a flashy lizer on a motorcycle and have the ability to rapidly change forms

music, j-rock/visual kei 

i bought myself a ticket to a japanese concert stream.

it's monday morning at 5am CST.

i 200% should've realized this.

『 Surprise Stream Time! 』 self-promo, facerig on (potential ec) 

I'm checking out Wintermoor Tactics Club on Switch! Gonna only stream for about 2 hours tops, but I've been intrigued by this game for quite some time! come hang out, wake up with me~ twitch.tv/proxyglitchcat

Emoji spamming 

Checking out some trans pride emoji for transparency

:trans_furr: :trans_furr_white: :heart_trans_black: :heart_trans: :ms_black_trans_flag: :flag_transgender:

@GlitterDisaster @Kyoji gay lizer and soft pupy energies are very similar too so they synergize well

got at least a 3x multiplier on it

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