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Notice to mutuals 

I started a new account (@Kyoji)

I'm not explicitly moving to it yet, but I will be in the future. Feel free to follow me back on it, I did send follow requests to all my friends on there as well.

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contact info for followers/mutuals 

telegram: @kyojifoxfire
discord: Koi#0288
Twitter: @KoiFoxfire
Twitter AD: @DarkfireKyoji

i know a lot of you are jumping ship, but i wanna keep in contact with a bunch of you, okay? 🧡

monhun; looking for group 

anyone else around fedi playing monhun? would love to have people to hunt with.


this game is driving me insane

i love it.

discord, anime, memes 

One of my Discord servers add this shitty waifu/husbando gacha bot and we've spent the evening rolliing for our favs.

It's so dumb.

I'm having a lot of fun.

covid vaccine; ph~, mh+ 

lizer is a little sore, but glad to have part of this over with.

covid, ph, + 

lizer got their first dose!

nsfw, grovyle 

Reposting some smut that I lost on my old account, because it's still worth sharing.

First piece by
Second by

Very gay lizard smut; nsfw 

Well? What're you doing, just standing there? I'm waaaaaiting...

helo, lizer is here to make sleeby lizer noises and

that's it, i think

oops. i haven't been on mastodon in like three days. x_x

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