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contact info for followers/mutuals 

telegram: @kyojifoxfire
discord: Koi#0288
Twitter: @KoiFoxfire
Twitter AD: @DarkfireKyoji

i know a lot of you are jumping ship, but i wanna keep in contact with a bunch of you, okay? 🧡

pkmn unite; MOBA culture; gaming in general 

I've gotten angry at them too, but like... afterwards it's like... "why did this upset me? it's not like this is actually affecting me in a meaningful way!"

I'm not really trying to make a point with this, just wanted to vent some shattered thoughts.

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pkmn unite; MOBA culture; gaming in general 

its fun to be excited about doing something cool in these games, but its hard to deal with the people on the other end getting upset about it.

healthy competition should bring out the best in people, but these sorts of games never do that. i don't really understand why people get so angry over video games.

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pkmn unite 

i want to preface this with my absolute disdain for the MOBA genre

i actually really had fun with it.
i still hate the gameplay arc, and how forfeit-happy the toxic playerbase is, but not having text chat goes far to cull that particular issue

but at the end of the day, I'd play it with friends

vague post: transphobe; racism 

nice to wake up and see an artist you used to look up to just destroy themselves and say awful shit unapologetically

lizer has been very distracted lately and not really on mastodon

i'm sorry for not being around to see my friends, i hope you're all doing well. 🧡

please reach out to me on telegram or discord if you ever want to talk.

i played gunfire reborn with @avie and had a lot of fun

avie good, would recommend

comes with five bonus levels.

$20 via mail order

computer shopping 

so like, if i just wanna play games and don't really give a shit about having bleeding edge graphics, is it even worth getting an RTX card? or can i just get by with like, a Gtx 1660?

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