Highly suggestive 

Imagine a kobold helping you undress and escorting you to bed.

Once you're in bed, they help you relax by putting their tongue and fingers to use in all the right places, giving you a very satisfying end to a very long day.

And as you're lying there in afterglow, you get a lazy scaly snout resting on your chest, purring softly as they enjoyed it as much as you did.

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Highly suggestive 

@KinkyKobolds This is such an ideal situation that I would love to experience pretty much every night of the week!

Highly suggestive 

@KinkyKobolds Damn that is hot

re: Highly suggestive 


This sounds extremely good to me.

re: Highly suggestive 

@KinkyKobolds Aww gosh, this is so nice and lewd~

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