Seems like a successful day for an alchemist. Dare you find out what I've just cooked up?

Art by

Full resolution:

The most interesting part of that recent artwork I commissioned? The number of guesses people have had for what's in the bottle I'm holding.

@KinkyKobolds This is adorable and awesome! Great looking kobold! Why... are all the kobolds I know alchemists?

@wobblewuffess in Pathfinder, kobolds get +2 DEX, -2 CON, -4 STR. This lends itself to classes that rely on DEX and don't need STR. Alchemists, no matter the type, fit that pretty well, especially if you take feats to brew stuff that offsets those weaknesses.

That and at the time I decided on that character, I'd just finished the Plague Knight campaign from Shovel Knight and decided "What if all that bomb-throwing but a kobold"

@KinkyKobolds Fair point!

I've been convinced someone one at Paizo hates Kobolds for a long time. -4 average attribute score.

Awesome art though!

@wobblewuffess yeah... At just 5 RP kobolds are the lowest rated species in the game. Choosing to play one is a challenge that can lend itself to some fun though

Knowing you and I, I'd be willing to give it a shot...

@KinkyKobolds I'd like to know! Yes, even if that includes being the test subject.

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