Kobolds can make just about any creature worthy of adventuring seem epic, you know.

Kobolds are good at mining, sure. But having to mine out the entrance to our warren because of far too much snow isn't quite how we expected to be using those talents.

*Important Dragon Announcement*

Be sure to kiss your kobolds! They deserve recognition for all of their hard work.

*This Concludes The Announcement*

V-Day, Kink 

Valentine's, lewd 

If you require a Valentine's Day escort, consider a kobold.

* Small appetite
* Comes in many colors of scales
* Snoots are always in style
* Dextrous hands for [redacted]
* Perfect size cuddle buddy

Humiliation kink, genitalia mention 


Light bondage 

Remember: If you're going to void a kobold's warranty, do it in style. 馃槇

Kobolds with collars?

Kobolds with collars?

Here, I have a shiny thing for you. Please, take it!

No, no, reason. Pay no attention to the angry critter in the distance that's running in this direction. Totally a coincidence. 馃槆

Sure, kobolds could be the little spoon if you need someone to cuddle.

We can also be the big spoon if you need someone to get cuddled by, too.

By and large, these kobolds are bi and small.

Oral Fixation 

You know that thing where some monstrous critter can wrap their hand around your entire head?

Think about how easy it is to do that to a kobold.

how to go to sleep in dragon:

- clean teeth. need good pointy biters
- blow out candles. *out*, not *on*
- curl up around hoard. hug hoard if soft
- head under wing

Via @anthracite, a thought on draconicity from a critter than is precisely 51% dragon. We're not sure where the other 49% went.

Ok Google: How do I meet people with similar interests as me at a convention based entirely on an interest I have?

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