Kobolds doing things that LOOK a lot like science, but in no way are actually science.

Question: BDSM terminology for enbies :BoostOK: 


If a kobold is sitting around looking smug, it's probably better if you don't ask why. 😈

Everyone keeps saying gently the kobolds.

What if we returned the favor? How would we gently you?

The kobolds would like to remind you to get a glass of water if you've not had one yet today. And maybe share with us too while you're at it. We can't really reach the cabinet where you have the cups.

Small genital teasing 

Kobold polishing their scales in the hope a dragon will mistake them for a gemstone.



Gender, NSFW? 

Macro, suggestive 

Kobolds can make just about any creature worthy of adventuring seem epic, you know.

Kobolds are good at mining, sure. But having to mine out the entrance to our warren because of far too much snow isn't quite how we expected to be using those talents.

*Important Dragon Announcement*

Be sure to kiss your kobolds! They deserve recognition for all of their hard work.

*This Concludes The Announcement*

V-Day, Kink 

Valentine's, lewd 

If you require a Valentine's Day escort, consider a kobold.

* Small appetite
* Comes in many colors of scales
* Snoots are always in style
* Dextrous hands for [redacted]
* Perfect size cuddle buddy

Humiliation kink, genitalia mention 


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