A super shiny kobold is asking for snugs. What do?

kobold more like nobold (poofs out of existence)

So is Monsterpit down permanently?

While trying to log in to @salameleon@the.monsterpit.net this morning, I'm finding that the domain name itself doesn't resolve anymore.

Kobolds raiding a strip club to try steal some shinies, only to end up stealing the show and being given MORE shinies by going up on stage themselves.

Regarding that boost from @salameleon@the.monsterpit.net - That is my "personal" account, as opposed to this quasi-IC, more explicitly kink-focused account. So all of that applies here as well.

Non-specific lewd 

You can also engage in much heavier petting, if you want. Just rub anywhere you'd like. Yes, even there. I'll even stretch out nice and wide so you have easy access to whatever you want.

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Did you know? You can pet kobolds. That's a thing you can just do.

maybe a thing we could start is 'random gift art: y/n/askfirst' in bio

so that if i wanna do a thing for someone i can check if they have a y and if so just do it instead of waiting for them to check their dms

by then the drawjuice has probably evaporated, it doesnt stay around long


You know, if you're pent up and busy, you could just have a kobold under your desk, taking care of that for you. Let a kobold take advantage of their natural dexterity bonus and small size to give you the attention you didn't realize you deserve.

Please snuggle your kobolds it is an important part of maintaining healthy levels of cuteness

On the other hand, kobolds are (in most tabletop systems) known for making traps. For taking advantage of their surroundings and making things dangerous.

Given that, a kobold-operated haunted house could be awfully scary, if the kobolds put that into full effect. Trap doors here and there. Fire going off just in front of you (but intentionally aimed to miss by just enough). Spiky things a bit too close for comfort.

Yeah, we could be just a bit mean about it. But what else did you buy a ticket?

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Kobolds trying to spook you for Halloween but mostly just succeeding in being harmless and therefore cute.

Light bondage, nudity, invitation 

Kobold wearing nothing but a simple collar with a chain leash attached to it. The kobold offers up the leash to you. What do you do?


Kobold muzzles are just at about the right height for the average humanoid to use a kobold as a urinal. This is something you — yes you — are welcome to try out if you feel so inclined.

Kink: electricity 

Imagine the Chromebold, with its wings electrically charged as a violet wand would be. It could run that surface along any number of places, or focus the attention with a single wing finger tapping away.

Foot fetish 

Using your kobolds as insoles may void the warranty, no matter how much they enjoy it.

Kobolds of unusual size.

Whether this is unusually large or unusually small is left as an exercise to the reader.

You'd heard kobolds were supposed to be small, but you hadn't ever seen one that could fit comfortably in the palm of your hand before.

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