Going to be sending out follow requests to all you folks from the.monster.pit now that the domain has updated. Please forgive the yapping.


Why yes, this is an all natural hot spring. We have a very-well hydrated dragon who replenishes it daily. Why do you ask?

Even if a kobold is not pupy, we're still going to blush at being called "good girl" and getting headpats or treats.

Need artist recommendation, musk kink 

Kobolds are capable of nuzzling into all sorts of places and indulging in scents.

Any artists interested in depicting such things? A smaller critter nuzzling under someone's balls or into an armpit, indulging in the scent like the fine, all natural perfume it is.

Geitals-related thoughts 

Honestly, the look of a monstrous penis on an otherwise elegant looking character is just really good.

There's something about the contrast of, say, an exceedingly realistic, oversized, equine dick on an otherwise lithe, androgynous looking elf.

Just another example of liking a lot of sharp contrasts in lewd things, I suppose!

Mild hyper, kobold 

A kobold, but with a dick that would look very large even on a human. The sort of thing said kobold can't even get close to getting both hands around.

Would you lend them a hand, or just enjoy the show?

dailydraw 5/25, i'm actually very proud of this one tbh, vaguely kinky though 


wtf some of the final touches didn't export
sorry, reupload


Oops, accidentally in a mood to get restrained by thick shackles and heavy chains that are hard to even struggle against, while someone human size or larger takes full advantage of me.

Oral fixation, lewd 

Some days a kobold just needs to be lying on your bed, head just off the side of it, at the perfect height for you to fuck. Just throat-fuck a kobold, really.

On the internet, nobody knows you're a kobold.

The ones that would volunteer for that are into it, certainly!

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A "boot a 'bold" booth, at which you are encouraged to learn precisely how far you can punt one of us.

Don't worry, you have reason to want to do it, even if you don't realize it yet.

It's the middle of the afternoon. Do you know where your kobolds are?

Small Penis Humiliation 

Look, if your dick is smaller than a kobold's, can you blame the kobold for pointing and laughing? Though it seems @EvilBobarino is rather unamused by the experience, even if the kobold is having a jolly time with it.

🎨 by @EvilBobarino who was fantastic at taking a simple idea and making it look this good.

Kobolds doing things that LOOK a lot like science, but in no way are actually science.

Question: BDSM terminology for enbies :BoostOK: 

Many of the terms I'm familiar with for folks on the bottom of a scene are gender indifferent. Pet, toy, slave, etc. all don't really have a gender assigned to them.

Conversely, titles for Tops seem to have a gender split: Master/Mistress, Sir, and things like that.

What are some good terms one can use when someone non-binary is taking charge in a scene where calling them by a title is called for?


Kobold in a rather elaborate harness designed to be tied up to you, putting their snout in some convenient location for your enjoyment.

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