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new studies show that hugging a dragon is good for your health! hug a dragon friend today!

If you think climbing the outside of a mountain is hard, try climbing the inside.


This sounds like it should be a YCH type thing: one person flying me (well, the Kobold in the icon), another flying an inflatable fur, and one person flying a normal kite and looking very confused at the unusual things happening nearby.

Winged Kobolds get tired easily when flying under their own power. Gliding is a lot easier. Clearly you should just tie a nice rope around one's waist and fly them as if they're a kite. You'll excuse us for making miscellaneous happy sounds, I'm sure.

Snekember is a good time to imagine a kobold-naga. All scales, all the time!

The best part of being a kinky kobold is seeing how much of an adorably blushy mess some of you become when I happen on some of your buttons. πŸ’™

A Kobold has a challenge rating of ΒΌ.

A dragon may have a challenge rating around twenty.

Therefore, the exchange rate is 80 Kobolds to the dragon.

When you consider the amount of trouble Kobolds can make that exchange rate seems almost unfair to us.

Sure, you might be twice my size, but you could still be a good pet even if I have to reach up to rub your belly.

Kobold spa, in which the natural hot springs inside a volcanically active mountain are used to provide a warm bath for as long as you'd like.


Like this, only less "MSPaint" and more "Good Graphics", and "Not Using A Freeware Sports Font"

What might a logo for unionized kobolds look like?

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