I keep hearing that earbuds are way to listen to music, but I can't figure out how you even wear these things. 😒

🎨 by furaffinity.net/user/klippy

If a kobold is dealing you cards, make sure you're not playing with a short deck.

Commission for @twofold_fgc who asked me to draw a character I designed for them a while back.

Consider that, despite being small and weak, Kobolds still have managed to carve out a society from the hard rock of a mountain. If we can do the thing, so can you, especially if you do it together.

NSFW: Oral 

If you want to look and feel big, just compare yourself - or parts thereof - to a kobold.


If you're talking to a kobold who is 3'1ΒΌ", don't round that down to 3'1" and definitely don't round it off as 3'.

If you're particularly persistent about it, they might find a way to adjust your size to 3' so you can see for yourself that you're not eye level with the kobold after all.

Kink: Power bottom 

So, this marks the 1,000th post on this account.

It's been a lot of fun having an account on which I can just post silly and/or lewd kobold things and just have fun with the account and the concepts behind it.

Thank you everyone who follows me and has made it stay fun. πŸ’™

So, uh, how DO headphones work, anyway? *gestures at lack of ears*

Kink: Watersports, size difference 

It's way too hot and bright outside this time of year. Just go find a nice, comfy kobold warren to relax in and get out of the summer heat.

Elsewhere, is a thing on Fridays. If you need a kobold tail to hug or a kobold hugging your tail, just ask!

I have been informed this post might have inadvertently be a TF trigger by someone who says they now have a tail and would like permission to stop wagging it.

Oops. You, uh, can stop wagging now, if you'd like.

The doctor will see you now. The doctor is also a kobold. Hope you don't mind them using a stepladder to check your upper body.

If your tail isn't wagging intensely when you exclaim "Kobold!" what are you even doing?

Synth kobolds are my new obsession πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ¦Ž

RT @RaspberryWoof@twitter.com

Did a really fun and cute commission for @luminblaz@twitter.com of a synth kobold character~

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/RaspberryWoof/stat

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