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Ask your doctor if Kobolds™ are right for you.

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Don't forget: Kobolds may take penalties to strength and constitution, but our wits are as sharp as anyone else's. We don't need to overpower you if we can just outsmart you.

By the way: Do your pockets feel just a bit lighter?

Also: the author behind this account will be attending at the end of the month, with a badge name of "Kobold Enthusiast"

@KinkyKobolds welcome to my new tabletop game, how many kobolds can you stack up before they fall over into a pile

Please remember that kobolds are not conveniently stackable.

We're kobolds, not cubebolds.

Kobold cuddle piles are the best cuddle piles.

You can't change my mind.

One perk of kobolds: They're just dragon-like enough for furries to be interested, yet still firmly in the high fantasy "monstrous humanoid" category for sake of interacting with that sphere as well.

Why? Because creatures that are inspired by real animals AND those that are pure fantasy can be pretty great. And kobolds can play nicely (or not nicely, if you prefer) with all the above.

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A kobold is usually happy to apply belly rubs.

Just remember that you may have to help us reach your belly in the first place.

Cavern kobolds aren't really morning people, especially as "morning" becomes ambiguous when you're that far underground.

That sweater meme, but the kobold is SO HAPPY you gave her a cute sweater. 💙

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