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If you think awoo is loud above ground, just imagine what we have to deal with when someone is in the rocky caverns of our warren and starts to howl. 😡

You've had a long week. Let some kobolds offer you up some hot tea, a warm blanket, and a surprisingly comfy pillow.

Sorry, but your kobolds are in another castle!

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A kobold who is keenly genre-aware and recognizes they're just the midboss of the tutorial area. They put on a good show for the adventurers coming through before taking a fall, an feat of acting perfected over plenty of visits.

The end-game dragon they're working with later deals with those adventurers and splits their shinies 80/20 with the kobold.

"Kobolds are small," they said.

"Kobolds are weak," they said.

Whoever they are really didn't count on a kobold learning mythic enlarge person, casting it on themselves, and using the inn you're staying at as an armrest while they lean against the building, causing it to creak under the strain.

Three kobolds in a trench coat? That's absurd. It would take at least eight of us to fill it out completely

Imagine a shiny metal kobold flopping a 20 Kg tail into your lap and expecting pets.

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There are many appropriate ways to talk to a kobold. Grabbing us by the tailtip and holding us upside down in front of you should not be on that list.

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A winged kobold can substitute for a kite on a windy day.

Kobolds can be pretty decent at cooking food with fire. Not so good at cooking it with microwaves.

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A large number of kobolds suddenly appear at your home, then fan out to clean everything so you don't have to.

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