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Given that dragons like kidnapping princesses, sometimes a kobold might try to dress up as one in the hope of getting kidnapped.

A late-night thought: One of the reasons I may find it fun to post on this account is that I can just post as a kobold of whatever gender I'm feeling at the moment and nobody bats an eye. The fact it's not tied down to one, seemingly rigid identity is good.

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If you learned the monsters under your bed were Kobolds, would you join them down there?

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I'm very confused by the separate nice and naughty lists. Aren't those just the same list? 😈

Kobold with a tail so augmented they can use it to fly like a helicopter.

Cute Idea:

Your dragon boyfriend has to be convinced that it is not the proper procedure to lay on the gifts. Christmas is the season of giving, and presents are not hoard material. He shyly agrees, but leaps into the small "Hoard' of plushes you got him come that morning.

Kobold patch notes v2018.12.15

Alchemists are now 18% less likely to blow themselves up by accident. Probably of intentional "accidents" remains unchanged
Bards vocal range increased to include bass and soprano.
Warlocks now better resist the urge to cackle before using breath weapon.
Clerics now ask politely before healing you.
All Kobolds are now more likely to spawn with horns, wings, and/or thick tails.

Some of the kobolds, having seen wrapped presents, are now walking around with a bow on their head as if it's a crown. A few have even gotten decorative with wrapping sparkly ribbons around their arms, legs, or chest.

Would YOU open a kobold for the holidays?

I have been informed that some people think the kobolds should BE the ornaments decorating something even larger. I'm flattered you think kobolds are pretty enough to decorate with. 💙

If you must, you could try decorating a kobold for Christmas instead. Just be careful trying to hang ornaments from our scales.

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