Second week of being free from a demon of mine. It's certainly not easy. So many habits to break.

Yup. My glasses broke. That's exactly what I needed right now. What's next?

Racing truly is the only friend I have. It's always there when I need it. It's gotten me through lots of things, and it's only going to get more in depth in these coming times

I can definitely feel a cloak is being draped over me again. Thought I hid it well enough. Guess not.

When I'm racing, my brain literally will not function until I put on mismatched socks.

I don't know why, don't ask me why.

Of all the drugs I shouldn't do, coffee is the one.


Wanna become alcoholic? Take a shot every time you see "pride month is stupid" or "when do we get straight pride month?", Completely unaware that they are the very reason pride exists.

Thinking bout putting some subwoofers in my car. I need mean bass-mobile


Trudeau is actually crossing the line, he's banning all handguns. All of them. Nobody will be able to get them, so for all the people saying "oh you don't need an ar15 for home defense a pistol is fine" then what now?
It was nothing but mockery when it was said the govt was going to get your guns. Now they're actually trying it.

You either hate cops so much that we need to be able to defend ourselves or you call the cops (who you don't want to have guns).

This is a dangerous game.

Some of them even had the balls to shill out their friend's "alternative to substance painter" instead of letting people use a file format that can be opened in a slew of free software.

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A recent trend within vrchat avatar creators is propping up and it is not good. From refusing to give PSD files for retexturing (because you should just get substance) to discounts for certain people (you only have access to a discount if you bought a model within a certain time frame, for 3 days, announced only from a discord post) to straight up banning criticism.

Things have to change.

Looking for an Android smart watch for media controls and notifications that isn't 500 Canadian pesos, any recommendations?

Hello random users reading this, give me your favorite EDM Spotify links. I need more wet basses in my life.

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