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since i didn't do it in my original and itll be split will do a introduction on our system later but Zerakarak is my xenogender and my neopronouns are Ziar/Ziyr/Ziyr/Ziyrs/Zie
And Mizu/Malzu/Malzul/Malzuz/Mizullum (more preferred)

Ziar is feeling okay today.
That bottle belongs to ziyr.
That is ziyr car.
That cat is ziyrs.
Ziar makes zie tea.

Mizu is feelingokaytoday.
That bottlebelongs to malzu.
That is malzul car.
That cat is malzuz.
Mizu makes mizullum tea

Homelessness fundraising 

Adding on to the situation

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Homelessness fundraising 

Vessel is at risk of being homeless in a earth week

Anyone willing to take me in
Vessel has no documents and haven't gotten any diploma as Vessel is in a special ed program called transitions supposed to help get a job etc

It's all over having trouble doing the dishes

I have successfully confused r/roastme with the vessels looks on gender

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@Kazhumazu We have a 20** model, but we've been thinking of upgrading to firmware 4.88 for the new bluray keys, so we're interested too.

25**s are in this weird gray area where some can run CFW and some can't – there's a tool called MinVerChk you can get that tells you whether your PS3 is hackable or not. Even if it's not, you can still run something called HEN which enables most but not all homebrew stuff, it sounds like.

What tools would be best for a ps3
model cech-2501a
firmware version 4.88
For jailbreaking and possibly running another os or emulation in this realm
(Share around if possible)

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如果一定要把我摆在在政治立场光谱上,我是非常非常左的,落在 Anarchism 附近。




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my gender is "the dark spots beneath my eyes make me look oddly effeminate and i'm too tired at this point to care x"

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i think when a business reaches a certain size (mcdonald's, disney, etc) it should be required by law to be collectivized into a worker-owned co-op

My love language is visiting one's headspace outside this realm and letting pets

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