They also go on and slander me, calling me "scary" and "psychotic"

They selectively deleted chats to make it easier to spin their version of me to others, whilst making it difficult for me to refute it. Especially since I'm now having to explore other options and look into getting a new sona that is entirely my design, because as it stands right now, I don't like the idea of someone who wants to go on a clout-crusade against me having the design rights to my characters.

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After events that have transpired this week, I don't think I'm ever going to allow myself to form relationships or friendships with artists that I hire for commissions. It's a business transaction, and I recently had a really close friend who designed my sona all of a sudden decides that they want to be enemies. They go behind my back, talk shit on twitter about me and accuse me of mentally abusing them. Next thing you know, they probs will try to take back MY character as their property.

Once again, I have found myself the victim of bank fraud. That's the 5th time in the past two months. Please stop taking my money 😭

I just saw a Fennec fox for the first time in the wild. Another item off my bucket list has been completed.

Introductory post I suppose! Brand new here, swapping over from twitter to make new friends and to build my own brand as an aspiring writer. Writers and fluffers of all kinds, please hit me up sometime. I'm nice and want to be social 🥰 - the mastodon instances for creatures

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