Web Browser, Extensions, Question 

Does anyone know how to remove extensions that are a part of a chromium-based browser? (Ones that were not installed by the user but have no option to uninstall, only disable)

- mental health mention but want to be +, furrycon 

Trying to avoid "con fomo" and the struggling feeling of being unwanted. I will definitely try to drown myself in new video game stuff this weekend when I can in between job and job application stuff! ;w;

Maybe someday I'll get to go to a con again and feel safe and wanted. It would be nice.

Fatfur / Chubby , Pokemon Art 

A Groudon form commission I did. I haven't gotten to draw a Groudon in a while, they are fun!

FA: furaffinity.net/view/47864312/

I need my Drawpile brush somehow ported to CSP. It's just a simple round watercolor brush but it feels nicee to doodle with.

Current US Events, (cont.) 

Will try to get through this. It's not going to make things easier but for now to preserve my sanity I am gonna try to focus as much as I can on getting a new/better job. That's most important right now for me since everything is tied to it. I just gotta try to not lose sight of that.

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Monster Hunter Rise screenshot 

This cutscene sent me into a laughing fit because my hunter looks like this

Current US Events, - 

Trying to distract myself from yesterday's news since I have SOO much other stress going on. But this ties into it. I desperately need a new job w/ health insurance for my T1D but also because I have been wanting to pursue an operation to help ease my intense period cramps but also as a near-permanent contraception due to that being one of my biggest fears in life. I live in a state that isn't currently a "trigger" state but I fear that could change. Need a new job ASAP

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Lowkey thankful the "mute" function seems to work on this site.

Here is a scribble I colored a couple days ago of Gore Magala! I recently fell in love with them after watching some older gameplay videos of MH games.

My big sona, who I call a "Kaiju" because I didn't know what else she was other than a monster combination of my love for Zilla and dinosaurs and dragons.
I am realizing that she may just be heavily based on my subconscious love for the FFX Behemoths. I am trying to draw a Behe right now and I'm having trouble making it not turn into her! Whoops. <w>

Headphone talk (cont.) 

Also having a small head that can't deal with a lot of weight either stiiiinks for headphone selection!!

And being picky about the sound of them. -w-;;

Hoping that these will do alright though. It's the QuietComfort 35 II

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Headphone talk 

It's sad that I am considering buying Bose headphones which have a really not great frequency map buut I don't have much choice.
Specifically official refurbished ones... it's still pricey though.

Wearing glasses makes headphone selection difficult! I am looking for noise cancelation headphones because I live in a literal basement with the AC unit and washer/dryer noises I can't stand anymore. :ms_cold_sweat:

sick(?) feeling mention (better now!) 

I'm feeling muuuch better now, I'm just tired. I think it was indeed sleep related and/or allergies!

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sick(?) feeling mention 

I am not sure if I'm actually getting sick, recovering from a lack of sleep still or if it's just a response to the very cold temps down here in the [regular/unfinished] basement I live in.
I'll be safe and do a covid test in a few days (after incubation length of time).

I just sorta feel like floppy jell-o if that makes sense and also slept in a lot today aaaa

Helloo I'm sleeepy today and probably won't get much done. uwu;;

Literally my reaction a bit ago after having an ice cream cone. I haven't had ice cream in a couple of years and I forgot that it can be pretty good. xD

Video w/ music work in progress/wip 

YT's layout keeps changing but hope Unlisted will work as Private as I want it to be.

WIP of this video game remix song because why not.


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