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are we at the point of language at which "boi" is nearly-exclusively in reference to the young adult, typically masculine?


Extreme left pol, Mastodon meta (–) 

People reposting art at birdsite threads (and maybe here aswell) 

Cruisin' down the street in my six-fo'
Jockin the bitches
Going OwO

lukewarm take, re: ok boomer 


Challenge for the self-image unconfident and everybody else: Use real-life pics of your sona's species to represent yourself. Same breed and everything, or as close as possible.

Religion vs science, negative, birdsite link 

Complaining about an Initial D scale model 

It's basically Halloween so these cats already dressed up. Cutie goes as Ankha from Animal Crossing and Potato Chip goes as Nova from Anodyne 2!

"Green Eggs and Ham", except the grumpy one does what he should've done from the start: File a restraining order.

Picture that.

"Ok, boomer" 


Birthdays are pointless anyway the moment you turn 18.

Self note: To ink my pencil sketches before scanning so that I don't have to guess how was each linework curve suposed to go because the scan messed up the lines.

A likely WIP with Sofia just having a prolonged stare at her 2019 IMSA ride.

Do I want to keep fluffy black cat as my PFP to make this account more me-ish, or do I want to change it to self-made art of my flagship OC so that people can have a first sight for my artist credentials like I do at birdsite at the moment?

Update: We have :at_me: on meow! :D

I doubt it's even eligible for copyright, but just in case, I hereby release it into the public domain. Use it for whatever! If you need the SVG for anything, just ask me or @Nomaxice. :at_me:

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