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I should do a backup of whatever I found worthy during my year-long stay on this platform, get rid of this account, and probably never look back. Mastodon's safe-space approach gives too much of a walled area feel, and having a good portion of my birdsite & FA friends come here and interact is something that cannot be expected.

Autism language 

Rest in Peace Windows 7,the last good Windows.

Third car completed in Automation.

Part of the french sportscar industry's swansong from the 90's

Nudity, no genitals, furry sketch art 

Automation stuff.

The usual low-volume fiberglass sportscar from a small company that's destined to last less than a decade, and a (borderline warm-hot?) hatchback.

The included bodies & fixtures don't allow for much freedom so I pieced together something that could work.

I got a 38,7°C/101.6°F fever, and it feels like dying.

Nothing like a combo of tiredness, apathy, and a lack of mental ability.

female nudity, pensive mood 

File system shitpost, in fat cat character 

I started playing Armello so that I could justify my love for big stronk wolfamutess and finally have a legitimate videogame crush for once in my life.

It was nice to do this little practice piece!

It’s been a little too long since I’ve drawn.

#art #CreativeToots

Here's a proper reference for me!
This is what I look like!

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