To anyone still following me, follow me on Twitter or FA (links in profile) if you wish to see my stuff. I have no interest in using this account or keeping it up to date anymore.

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Look, it’s simple Texas. If a business removes their OWN Mask Mandate? Boycott. Only give your business to places that care about you. Just because the government is saying it’s cool to go die, doesn’t mean you have to. Double Mask, maybe face shield, & be safe.

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thinking about how software companies slowly chip away at the idea of consent by turning every "no" into "not right now," every "stop this" into "do this less often," every "i don't want that" into "maybe later"

Stolen from Heather Flowers ( and

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Blueberry muffins are Anne's favourite snack for having at the office.

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one final thing before i move on, i havent seen it yet but mocking Biden's stutter is ableist. he might be a lot of things and criticism is necessary for them but he won't ever hear you mocking his stutter

your friends who stutter (this includes me, there's a reason i don't speak aloud much) will hear that shit tho. if you're okay with looking your friends in the eye and explaining to them why their stutter impacts their morality then i mean by all means go ahead but otherwise fuck off

four years of fat jokes about trump never touched him but it sure did ruin the entire psyche of fat people being made to feel subhuman, unlovable, and inherently of lesser morals in a society that already actively does this on all levels of our lives.

break your habit of criticizing appearance and ability because otherwise i'm forced to assume you're just a hateful white noise machine, just here to fill in the background gaps with no comprehension of the topics at hand.

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Happy MLK Day 

Never forget that the CIA killed MLK and now white people everywhere try to placate black people with his own words.

Is something wrong with me, or does somebody else gets fed up of catching up with or gets red flags from artists who jump accounts & fursonas every few weeks/months?

Birdsite food meme from this week, rant 

You need to be some kind of rich or mid-high class dipshit to even think about thrashing food because "yuck" or "nah".

NASCAR, Monty Python, possibly cursed idea 

Ended up doing it in NR1999 (with N2/1996 mod & downloaded L. Speed car).

On a separate note, running 3Dfx games that were originally intended to be run at a maximum of 640x480, at 1440x1080 plus antialiasing through nGlide, is something else.

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NASCAR, Monty Python, possibly cursed idea 

95' or 96' carset/roster for NASCAR Racing (any) in which Lake Speed is copy-pasted through 3/5ths of the field.

A good girl for you, with love.

Late christmas pic featuring Anne. Will you give her lots of love and treats?

And dear furry fandom: Please consider more grey/silver dogs with straight ears that aren't wolves or huskies or malamutes.

Imagine being so delusional that you believe switching calendars is going to end all of the issues that happened or accentuated in 2020.

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I drew a sportsfenn.

She's actually really good at table sports.

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wanted to make an icon that sorta semi matched the style of the v.c icon but more closely fulfilled the premise of my existence on this instance

Foul language question, NSFW 

Are there any other laguages besides Argentinian Spanish in which you can tell a person to go to hell by suggesting them to unbirth themselves? Whether it might be into their mother or, say, a female parrot?

DHC, BlondeFoxy 

I keep seeing people calling for the removal of BlondeFoxy from DHC but, isn't she like the heart of the company?? And even if she were to, it wouldn't mean much since she's married to Skuff and he's still a big part of it, and not any better.

I mean, forget about salvaging DHC.

Watching a Thrustmaster Formula T2 restoration video had me wishing I had the tools & patience to build my own non-FFB wheel around a broken USB joystick's inteface.

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