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What I mean by me being grey ace and demisexual:

I like to do things that don't involve my own genitals with other people. And even then, it has to be a pretty special person.

So I'm aspec, I guess.

But I figured I might as well clear it up for anyone curious, or who looks at me and goes, "wow Elly sure is a horny person." Because I *am* a horny person, I just am not very horny for using the equipment I have.

my sexuality, pinned post 

Likely my problems are going to go away when I get bottom surgery, although I reckon I'll still be demisexual for the most part.

That said, I might be demisexual, but I form emotional connections easier than most. But my desire to fuck someone is close to nonexistent until that connection is established.


my sexuality, pinned post 

@Elizafox Yay, new parts

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