(romantic) horniness 

do you ever get romantic horny for someone
like you just wanna scream "I love you" and hug them really tight for several hours?
yeah that was me today :blobfoxblushmore:

Me: I'm thirsty
*eats dry cereal*
Me: why am I still thirsty

making ice cream soda is a game of "how much lemonade should I put in before the foam overflows"

when you gotta get out of bed but you're all snuggled up and warm :blobfoxcomfysleepy:

swearing, kinda toxic friends 

okay so
told one of my old friends that I'm a furry, here's how it went:
me: blah blah blah also I'm a furry
them: Fuck
me: what
them: just didn't expect that from you

a day later I asked them what they though I meant by furry

them: it means you like fucking in fursuits
me: that's not everything
them: ok do I care

like okay you may not care but I do, I'd rather you not have the wrong idea :blobfoxangry:

whoever sees this gets a free high five :pawp1_hand:

idc if normal bears wag their tails,
I'm a bear that does

protogens, kissing 

Okay serious question I'm genuinely curious

how does one kiss a protogen


after an abrupt wake-up at 5.30am from my alarm it's time to get up to go and volunteer as an actor in a group of older students' filming project for 7 hours wooo

you bet I'm going to be getting Starbucks on the way

"when life gives you a pink bear, tell it that it's cute or it will get upset and not talk to you" ~ me, just then

Dunno what to do with my first toot so I thought I'd introduce myself
I'm Iru, a pink bear owo
I'm mostly going to toot shower thoughts, random questions and occasional stuff about music and games.
I'm still getting used to using this so if there's anything I do wrong then just lmk and I'll do my best to fix it 🐾
Thanks owo


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