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*gets fox plush*
This plush is just very comforting. It's fur is also very soft-
*being an absolute child because of it*

Art Complete 

Old character: Shot. Remake of an old art piece as well as a redesign.

Art Stuffs 

Finally finishing up a sketch of an old character of mine. Sorta redesigning em, with some new gadgets/clothing. Overall, design is basically the same, different body type, kinda
Edit: I had to repost this due to forgetting a small detail

Letting fennecs take a trip in a submarine so they can explore the ocean


If you want secure communications, use Matrix and not email.

I'm gonna become the Gordon Ramsay of software programming, go to studios and start screaming on people while they code.

I have no idea what to say while posting this other than "Sticker" and "Am bored" so here it is.

Insects//Praying Mantis 

So, always see one once a year!
I'm just lucky I was able to take pictures this time around

Original Species 

Rewrote everything on them. Also renamed them to the proper pronunciated name: Eeratek. Gonna be updated every once in a while.

Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy: Kindom (Not really a spoiler) 

Well, it seems Ultra Magnus has become even more powerful than Prime

*starts rewatching Fire Force*
The first outro song is still amazing

*has to draw for people*
*procrastinates more*
*procrastinates more*
I need help XwX

*plays and finishes Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction*
Now I gotta play Rift Apart even though I'd be skipping a game

*is doing the dishes*
*thinks of something I did that I cringe at*
*completely stops doing the dishes for a few seconds*

*starts making a proper header*
*adds in pictures of the characters I'm gonna add, draws a head then gets bored and stops*
Well, Ima try and draw more when I have full capacity of energy

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