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Insects//Praying Mantis 

So, always see one once a year!
I'm just lucky I was able to take pictures this time around

Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy: Kindom (Not really a spoiler) 

Well, it seems Ultra Magnus has become even more powerful than Prime

Art Completion 

Two words: Blood Jar

Ira's new Fox Ref is much better than the last

Update on the Art Preview 

Got the sketch done, same with all the text boxes. I did make the actual background I was drawing on a tad too big, but nothing a little cropping can't fix! There's also more insight, and yes, her blood is in fact, in a jar for the ref sheet. The front-facing and clothed is done, same with a 3/4 headshot for the ref. A section for the pupils changing with emotion has also been added and complete.

Current Art Preview/Insight 

Finally making a proper, and I mean a proper, ref sheet for Fox Form. Taking a while though- Definitely has three fullbodies... as I've made that much with full detail. I don't know how many headshots it's gonna have, but it's gonna be between 2-5. And maybe a bust or two. Defintely gonna be showing the tongue to sword... and maybe some boxes with text and lines indicating which box goes with which design. Clothing changed a bit too.

Shiko got a better design, making all the silver/grey fur black
Did better lighting too
Shiko in Amalgamation form:

Just refurbished two old OC's of mine
The fox is Bolt, and the robotic creature is Ester.

I accidentally made her look kinda like a lynx.
She's supposed to look more like a fox
Anyways, amalgamation form finally got a headshot

Wickerbeast Ira is "the edgy but cool kid" as one of my friends described. I was actually hoping this would come out less edgy, but I mean, the style is edgy in itself

New Art Piece
Uses the new and still kinda experimental lineless style. It's exclusively for headshots.

New art! Finally get to reveal Shadow- who is the one appearing out of Ira’s back!

New brush test on art I already made
You will most likely recognize it, just look at my PFP
Very fluffy brush

Very cursed, and I mean very cursed Art one of my friends made a while back 

You either hate it, love it, or both. I’m in the both section.

Pride Month Art is complete.
Shading included!
Very rare to see me shade. But I’m getting back into it with a new shading technique.

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