Anyways, new art piece
I decided to see how well my lineless style translated to fullbodies and my am I happily surprised

An actual post in I don't know how long. I can't believe how much my art style has grown in this past year. All the friends that were there and helped were also surprised. First ever art piece is obviously the worst one of them all, and now I have three art styles. First/oldest is the headshot that looks completely different from the rest of the art, the other three are current art styles and newer art.

*disappears for a bit*
Ok I have new art again
I put waaaay more effort and time into this than any other art piece before

I am creating too much art today
New Proto form art and Ampwave form art. I made the ampwave one a few days ago maybe yesterday-

I haven't sketched in traditional in a while, my I missed it. Here's a test sketch page to see how far I've come, and I drew no particular character. Just a basic dragon, though they has unique pupils.

I redesigned another character, Shuko. My first ever Protogen
The one on the left is the old version, the one on the right is the updated version.

Hamsters, rodents I guess 

I got a hamster, named him Jolt.
I don't have a good light right now-
Took a second to get a good picture, well, as good as I can get-

I decided to make a side art to the WIP. This is my first completed greyscale and painting. I have no experience in either whatsoever, well besides now after making this.

Started on Shadow
I got all his fur done
I'm gonna be so afraid to color this once done

Shadow has been added in, so has a few more details to the background. Looks too bare still though, so some things are gonna be added in still.

Small detail/easter egg added: Foxxer. Foxxer is the little robot fox there. And yes, he's missing a leg.

Art progression
I am gonna be in pain once I have to refine the sketch, then have to paint it. And that's after I'm done with the sketch- still a few things I wanna add in first- one of which will take probably an hour. *cough* Shadow *cough*

Art Complete 

Old character: Shot. Remake of an old art piece as well as a redesign.

Art Stuffs 

Finally finishing up a sketch of an old character of mine. Sorta redesigning em, with some new gadgets/clothing. Overall, design is basically the same, different body type, kinda
Edit: I had to repost this due to forgetting a small detail

I have no idea what to say while posting this other than "Sticker" and "Am bored" so here it is.

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