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Finally! An Intro! 

Name’s Ira! I’m a silver shapeshifter, as well as a trans female. I’ll sometimes go as Invex or Shiko, depending on thoughts.
Other things:
- Is too loud or too quiet, there is no in-between
- If italics and bold existed here, I’d be adding much more emotion to my posts
- Art is a hobby, a hobby that I’m still putting way too much time into
- I’m a casual gamer, usually playing adventure or racing games, sometimes online games.
- Is very fast; working on stamina though = 5/10

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Well, I just made a new Open Species. I named them Iratek (ee-ra-tech). There’s a species guide and base in one image in this Doc, which also holds some extra info on the species.

My name is Jae, not whatever a random paper that I didn't consent to says.

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Gotta love RIPE displaying a borked name for my AS, very nice of you assholes!

Lyrics of the sleep deprivation song: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Sign in a zoo gift shop:

Please carefully inspect the fennec plushies before buying. Some of the fennec plushies are actually real fennecs attempting to escape the zoo. We appreciate your cooperation.


*annoyed squeaking when I realize my claws are stuck in the crochet blanket* :blobfoxfacepalm:


Second COVID vaccine taken- arms gonna feel like shit tomorrow 🎶

Hasn't even been 24 hours yet and I already have two of the commissions complete.
They took longer though due to them both being experimental style.

Meanwhile: I'm sitting over here, with all three commission slots taken, and they're all either experimental headshots, busts or both. I'm surprised nobody wanted a fullbody.

My Head 

It is breaking
Again. And again.
It repairs, then starts crumbling again.
I fear I won't be able to return back if this keeps up
There must be some way. Any way.
It goes back to normal, well, "normal," temporarily.
What is happening

Many things are going through my mind. Too many things. Infinite things. Unending.

Making my head spin, trying to catch it all and miss

I also never had the real skill to make fan art til’ now, so... yeah

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Invader Zim will always be dear to my heart
I grew up with it- but the reason I say that- is because after I don’t know how long I finally made fan art
Took me long enough-
Looks like one of The Tallest with legs

So, I was on the couch, and looked over in the kitchen to just see it completely light up for not even a second, and then a few seconds later heard thunder.

I am not used to thunderstorms

*pointing a gun, shaking, sweating profusely*

But which one's the real Maddie?! 😨

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