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Got a new site that is a huge WIP. This will contain the universe I'm building, the original species, character information, as well as the stories in this new universe.
Welcome, the Invectiverse Project!

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Original Species 

Rewrote everything on them. Also renamed them to the proper pronunciated name: Eeratek. Gonna be updated every once in a while.

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Finally! An Intro! 

Name’s Ira! I’m a silver shapeshifter, as well as a trans female. I’ll sometimes go as Invex or Shiko, depending on thoughts.
Other things:
- Is too loud or too quiet, there is no in-between
- Art is a hobby, a hobby that I’m still putting way too much time into
- I’m a casual gamer, usually playing adventure or racing games, sometimes online games.

March 29th
Day of figuring out I was trans then posting that I figured that out here
I need to place this date somewhere

Still funny I never went through with that, removed sergal form, and opted for a hybrid form instead

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Did some new art of Protogen Form
Cracked screen with some parts not working too well on said screen
Has some slight blood, though because it’s blue it looks more like water
I’m proud of this

Updated another style similar to my usual, but it’s more detailed
A little test piece to see how it’d look

New sticker of Shiko, along with revealing the amalgamation form’s weapon: the scythe

Slight gore I guess
Not vent art; it’s actually lore art
A secret form that was only accessible at the brink of death: the ninth form: God
Yes it’s similar to Amalgamation form

Ira’s Final Moments

Wickerbeast ref is complete hehe
I ams happ with what I made here

Planning on making a new fursona: A hyena that I’m gonna be naming Hinter
I have no design yet because I need to research the anatomy :>

I’m still working on my first ever proper sticker pack
This is taking a while

Anyways, new art piece
I decided to see how well my lineless style translated to fullbodies and my am I happily surprised

An actual post in I don't know how long. I can't believe how much my art style has grown in this past year. All the friends that were there and helped were also surprised. First ever art piece is obviously the worst one of them all, and now I have three art styles. First/oldest is the headshot that looks completely different from the rest of the art, the other three are current art styles and newer art.

*disappears for a bit*
Ok I have new art again
I put waaaay more effort and time into this than any other art piece before

I am creating too much art today
New Proto form art and Ampwave form art. I made the ampwave one a few days ago maybe yesterday-

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