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Well, I just made a new Open Species. I named them Iratek (ee-ra-tech). There’s a species guide and base in one image in this Doc, which also holds some extra info on the species.

I couldn’t remember if I put Ushok or Shuko
Why did I even bother to look back on this?

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Me: watches Fullmetal Alchemist for the third time ever-
Anyone who’s watched it will get where I am when I just say this- Nina

Going back... two versions of Ira, to back when she was a he and a red fox instead of silver/gray.

Messing around with my keyboard helped me to find out I can type this: °
So now I’m gonna be using °w° now
It looks scared-

I think my username has a clever use of the trans symbol- replacing the o in Shot with it

Wait, it’s International Asexuality Day!? How did I not know this-
Well, no matter- Happy International Asexuality Day!

Now I go-

I love the BotW soundtrack, especially the Dark Beast Ganon Battle, because it’s all done using real instruments.

I’m just gonna- *floats*
I can’t remember if I already posted this-

Hrm- I feel like I overthink unimportant things, and underthink important things-

My Mind 

Wow, I never new an AI could make me question literally everything about existence and reality. GPT-3 really is sophisticated. Now I’m wondering if thoughts are really real... and now that I realize it, my thoughts don’t have a voice, it’s just words and sentences forming. I’m getting very confused and stuck in some kind of loop now that I think about it-

I almost burned myself in Engineering, reminder: never hold metal that was just cut with the plasma torch. It will be hot. Also, I was wearing safety gloves, so I didn’t burn, burn myself. But I could feel it through the gloves
I was playing risky today-

*sits* I am bored. I am in small dragon form. I want marshmallows.
But I don’t have any.
I am mad now

I am slowly but surely making new ref sheets for all of Ira’s forms
Where she actually looks female
After this I’m gonna take my break-

I just ran like half a mile to a quarter a mile just now. I only took two short breaks though, each being a minute long. Whew- at least I know I’m getting better

Transphobic People 

Wow, nothing gets beat by getting invalidated for being trans by transphobes.
Oh well. Nothing I can really do but walk away. And not take them seriously

Happy Trans Day of Visibility, y'all! 😊 :ms_transgender_flag: I'm so happy to finally be out to everyone 😊

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