It'd be cool if we could have a checkbox or something to say "this is a vent post", so people won't take our venting as a seriously considered, well-thought-out position and make us feel like we need to defend it as such.

/ /

Being able to disable boosts on specific posts – like the no-boosts part of followers-only, but independent of the privacy setting – would be very cool.

/ /

Hey, PSA, because some people have mentioned they don't know this is a separate thing:

Want someone off your timeline, but no need for a full-on block [maybe they post too much, or who knows what]?

You can mute them! This hides their posts, but doesn't block them from seeing yours. They can't tell it's happened, so they don't get the anxiety of "why am I /blocked/ by someone I've never met?".

On the Mastodon web UI you can do this from the β€’β€’β€’ button on any post.


I should not have to /follow someone/ on a silenced instance to see their /pings explicitly to me/.

That requires a trust relationship one should not have to have, besides the fact there's literally no way to tell anything is happening.

/ /

I wish you could separate /giving someone access/ to a thread (as pinging them does) and /making them receive notifications about it/ (as pinging them does).

Maybe what we need is a "silent ping" that somehow tells the receiving server not to make a notification.

– Frost

/ /

You know what'd be cool?

An "I intend to write a reply to this" button on posts. Acting like stars do.

So kinda like a typing indicator, except under your own control. So critters don't think you just didn't see it at all if you're busy writing a reply.

Should probably add it to a bookmarks-style list as well, so you can look at a list of things you meant to reply to but haven't gotten around to doing yet.

/ / / maybe

Offline post viewer is coming along!

...I can't figure out how to load from the archives. *growls at CORS* I ended up making the JSON into a JS file that assigned the JSON stuff into a variable, then loading that as a page script. Grr.

[It switches themes based on your system dark mode. :3]


Hey, PSA:

You don't have to put a space between @-pings and punctuation!

Like, "@IceWolf's post" and "Hey @IceWolf, foo" work perfectly fine.


It'd be cool if we had a similar freeform tag any creature could use for their species or whatever! I'd love to be able to stick [Wolf] there. (:

..of course, client-side we should probably make the [Admin] one distinguishable in some way to avoid confusion.


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It's... simultaneously slightly unhelpful and kinda beautiful that the [Bot] tag is useless for telling whether an account is automated, because real people who are robots use it as validation. :pixel_heart_orange:


So, PSA for anyone getting involved in Discourseβ„’ of any sort:

If you click back through someone's points they made at you and they disappear as you click on them, saying "not found", that does not necessarily mean they deleted their side of the conversation.

They probably just blocked you. That apparently causes this.

Come to think of it, it'd be nice if I could set it so I only see boosts /of/ creatures I follow.

So like if Follower A boosts something from Follower B, I see it, but if they boost something from Random Creature C (who I'm not following) I don't.

, ,


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really is an /absolute blessing/ for me.

Being able to respond to things when I can.

To walk away from the computer for a bit without anyone wondering where I suddenly went.

To stop, think, formulate replies with no Social Time Limit – no "think fast, come up with something, now, now – too late, now everyone's wondering why you haven't said anything".

Email does this too. But email's... /intimidating/. Letters weren't designed for informal conversation.


It'd be really nice if we had an option to post to the local timeline but not the federated one.

, , , and why not, because they're more likely to implement nice things.

feature request idea: A list of all the open polls you've posted. Would be really nice for reboosting them before they close!


You know how you can shift-click to bypass the warning dialog on boosting?

I wish we had that for replying, too. I pretty much /always/ have something in the buffer, generally because I clicked reply on something else and decided not to actually write anything.

, ,

I really wish I could reorder the tabs in Mastodon's single-column mode. How they're currently organized makes zero sense for how I use it.

, ,

I saw a take once that said followers-only replies were basically DMs, because only people following both can see it.

While that's true a lot of the time, I think they underestimated the amount of close-knit follower groups on the fediverse. (:

, ,

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