Does anyone else, when you're really tired, you tend to take everything way too seriously?

That happens for us. It's like our humor module turns off. We stop recognizing jokes as jokes and take them at face value instead.

Is this an autism thing, perhaps?

Wow, it's amazing how much difference having a dark theme makes for my mood. I just realized light theme was low-key overstimulating me and getting on my nerves.

Ah, that's better.

It's truly amazing how much easier it is to form complex sentences and get my thoughts across in writing than it is verbally.

Something about actually making the sounds, I guess? That can't quite be it...

maybe it's that I can't see everything and can't revise as I speak, I have to build it all in my head and then say it flawlessly. Whereas writing isn't nearly as taxing on the working memory – I can lay it out on the page as I go.

To expand on this:

Autism isn't just social disabilities.

Autism isn't just difficulty in finding words.

Autism isn't just sensory sensitivity.

All of these are a thing, sure.

But autistic creatures also, say, tend to have unusually deep and intense interests.

If I weren't autistic, I /wouldn't even be interested in the same things/.

Is that recovery? Is that healing? Is that improvement?

/Heck no./ *bares teeth*

It's flat-out existentially terrifying, is what it is.

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Hey, just popping in to add my lupine voice, autism isn't a disorder!

It can be a disability, for sure. But that doesn't make it a bad thing.

Also, Autism Speaks /does not speak for us/. They talk like autism "takes away your children" and um, NO. There's no hypothetical non-autistic person trapped under the shell of autism. There's just, them.

There's just, me.

It's /who I am/.

You probably know all this already, but just in case. :px_wolf_awoo_rnbw:

*flips to light theme*

nope. can't handle this. too much stimulation.

*flips back to dark theme*

Anyone else lose the specific words for things and end up calling, say, a kitchen hand towel a "drying device"?

Is this an autistic thing?

I used to think I didn't have empathy. I don't know why I thought this, probably because of hearing "autistic people don't have empathy" over and over again.

Then, pretty recently, I realized I do have it, an abundance of it, maybe even an /excess/ of it.

It just... doesn't feel like it's related to the creatures I'm, say, worried about. I'll just be upset for no apparent reason. Turns out it often correlates very strongly, but I have to consciously dig to figure that out.

really is an /absolute blessing/ for me.

Being able to respond to things when I can.

To walk away from the computer for a bit without anyone wondering where I suddenly went.

To stop, think, formulate replies with no Social Time Limit – no "think fast, come up with something, now, now – too late, now everyone's wondering why you haven't said anything".

Email does this too. But email's... /intimidating/. Letters weren't designed for informal conversation.


So can neurotypical creatures just, automatically /know/ what they're feeling, automatically untangle even the most complicated balls of emotions in an instant?

If I'm listening to music and turn up the volume loud enough, suddenly it /clicks/ and becomes incredibly immersive.

Do neurotypical creatures have this? It's really cool!

So I was on SpinDizzy and a couple other creatures and I were explaining autism stuff to @Patashu, and someone described the social aspect as "neurotypical people have hardware-accelerated social processing".

Wow. What a great way to put it. We have to fall back to software, doing everything consciously or at best semi-subconsciously, and it's /draining/.

My sensory filter seems to be overloaded right now for some reason. Music is more apt to /drill into my skull/. [I put on a low-pass filter, it helps immensely.]

I wonder why.

Hey, uh...

so it sounds like and have a lot of similar things going on. I know I'm autistic; how do I figure out whether I'm ADHD as well?

[Is it just "go talk to your doctor"?]


I am still /distinctly/ miffed that the SAT/ACT have an ENTIRE SECTION devoted to understanding story characters' emotions and motivations.

"Reading comprehension", they call it.

That's not reading comprehension! That's understanding motivations!

How Well Can You Figure Out Others' Motivations? Y'know, the exact thing autistic creatures struggle with. Let's grade you on it! And base your college admissions on it!

*swishes tail angrily*

Ever be vibing to some great music, pause it, and suddenly realize you've been bombarding yourself with a wall of noise?

( this an autistic thing? )

I believe this can be an Autism Thing, but I doubt it's specific to autism.

...unless it is?


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Hey, when you link creatures to a video, would you mind including at least a short description of what it is? I find videos /really/ draining, and it's nice to know what to expect before diving in. And to help decide whether I want to subject myself to that in the first place.

[...this is technically a subpost, but also good advice in general I think.]


Wow. It's just amazing how much of a difference it makes hiding images by default and turning off the color blur thing for hidden images. It's SO much less overstimulating!


Right now, I...I've got this feeling that typing is /way/ easier than talking would be, if I were to attempt speech. That's odd. But I've heard it's an autistic thing...

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