Leveling up your Concurrency stat so more headmates can front at once


... Heck, I kinda wanna make a plural-system tabletop RPG now.

All the players share one body. :3

hypothetical plural TTRPG rambles 

Only a few players (the number is determined by your collective Concurrency stat) can interact with the outside world. Those players /should/ listen to what the other players have to say, but, RPG players being RPG players...

hypothetical plural TTRPG rambles 

Every so often you roll to see if a switch happens (there's a stat for this). Switches can also be attempted by anyone at any time (including from in back). If both players (switcher-in and switcher-out) agree, or if there's an open concurrency slot, it's let's say 50/50 (although stat for that). If one of the critters doesn't want to switch, though, it's an opposing roll. Headmates have their OWN set of internal stats, changing the thresholds.

hypothetical plural TTRPG rambles 

Oh, and you can switch out too, freeing up a slot. Or try, anyway; that takes a roll too, because switching out can be hard.

hypothetical plural TTRPG rambles 

I'm debating whether it's a good idea to have an "asleep" state separate from "in back", where the asleep players can't even talk to the other players or do anything except roll to wake up. While it'd be /accurate/ (too accurate >,,<), it might be a bit too harsh.

hypothetical plural TTRPG rambles 

Oh, you should probably have a roll to override the fronter(s)' actions if you disagree. That'd be a /tough/ roll, though, probably...

hypothetical plural TTRPG rambles 

Yeah, there's a lot of dice-rolling. Plurality is a lot of "this sometimes works and often doesn't", least for us. >,,>

mention of plurality stuff that's triggering for us, in the abstract 

I'm specifically avoiding stuff that's triggery for us here. There'll be no merging, no forcibly changing who people are, nothing like that.

@IceWolf haven't actually played a ttrpg before but this sounds like a cool thing that could work!

@IceWolf this makes me think of the early 90's "party-blob" CRPGs where you'd control 4-6 characters that all moved simultaneously while staying in what is supposed to be a 5 or 10 foot square

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