Keep forgetting I can just introduce myself as owl instead of elf. Nobody needs to know my legal name.


@owl We're trying to use our legal name less and it's like... whoa we can DO that??, constantly.

@IceWolf Yeah. I don't even need to use the legal name in contracts here, apparently. That was the one case where I thought I had to.

@owl well that is quite surprising actually! i wouldn't even try to pull that stunt in finland, you keep seeing legal names even in very surprising contexts.

or perhaps it's just that finnish people are too honest to even try to get away with it... 🤔


@Stoori @owl It's not /about/ honesty. It can equally be about "this name doesn't fit me".

@IceWolf don't forget that i'm talking about finnish mentality here! 😂 @owl

@Stoori @owl Eh, you're still implying that not using our legal name is somehow "dishonest".

Fuck that.

@IceWolf indeed, i told you i'm talking about the finnish mentality. i didn't claim it to be superior or righteous or anything, i just described it @owl

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