big money request post [laptop] :boost_requested: 

Hey so, our laptop's from I think 2014, the battery's starting to go, I'm a tad worried about the SSD, it's got Nvidia graphics which causes all sorts of issues, oh yeah the power cable's broken, and it's a Mac so of course none of this can really be fixed or replaced...

so we wanna get a new laptop!

but we don't have the money for a new laptop! (and won't for a really long time!)


big money request post [laptop] :boost_requested: 

This is gonna be something to last us a /long/ time, so we're looking at high-end stuff. Something with discrete graphics would be nice, so we're looking at gaming laptops... unfortunately Nvidia seems to totally dominate the laptop GPU market, that doesn't leave us with many options.

We're currently eyeing the Dell G5 15 SE [], which is around $1200. Looking at MSI too but their stuff is asymmetrical with weird keyboards.


big money request post [laptop] :boost_requested: 

So, basically [details upthread]: Our current laptop is old and busted, we'd like a new one. Shooting for really fancy stuff, so our target is currently $1200-ish. If you've got the resources and are willing to help us out, it would be very much appreciated!
[if Paypal doesn't work for you, let us know – we haven't looked at other services but aren't opposed]

big money request post [laptop] :boost_requested: 

@IceWolf Ugh, *of course* PayPal throws a ReCaptcha at me.

big money request post [laptop] :boost_requested: 

@Ertain Ugghh. Typical PayPal. >,,<

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