Please, /please/, don't make /only/ videos, y'all! Make text articles too!

Text is even /easier/ to make it's just /always/ video


Not everyone can do videos. Especially long videos that we're expected to Sit Down And Focus Entirely On which means engaging speech parsing AND we can't easily back up and reread things like we could text and we /can't slow down/ like we could text and we can't skim like we could text and just

there's often /no point/ to it being a video and we /can't/.

Things that would work /just as well/ or better in text form

it's just fucking ALWAYS a video

*link* "here watch this video! it's 14 minutes long! what, no there's no text version" there's never any text version

Things that would make sense as video? Things where the video component is /necessary/, like say if you're I don't know comparing TV input types (just what came to mind), THEN it makes sense.

But 90% of the time it's something that would work just as well as an article, a blog post, heck a fedi or Twitter postchain, anything.


Wowwww this is blowing up. Check out my Soundcloud *links to assorted barking and yipping noises interspersed with melodic howling*

@kat Hah, the one that prompted this was apparently 14 minutes. :3

@kat @IceWolf although if it said 20-minute video about physics, we'd be worried about how close it is

@IceWolf I write articles when I can, because the viewer/reader may have to copy and paste something.

@IceWolf if video people included a transcript with their shit this wouldn’t happen

@moiety It'd still /totally/ happen! Transcripts are not a replacement for text articles, reading a transcript is not the same thing.

@IceWolf I hate this trend recently of making everything a video. Most of the time the videos are badly made and boring anyway, and even when that's not the case, as you pointed out video is just nowhere near as flexible as text.

Bonus points for videos that are basically just text crawls only without the benefits of actual text...

@IceWolf I make text articles! Thanks for the encouragment! And my articles aren't usually that long either.

@IceWolf Absolutely! Though at the same time I wish more text articles came with recorded audio because reading a lot is a nightmare for my dyslexic/autistic/ADHD brain. I *need* audio.

@IceWolf Especially since most videos are poorly edited and way too long than they should, because the narrator is unprepared, rambling and hesitating.

And you can't copy paste from a video!

@IceWolf It's honestly draining to me to have to sit through a video instead of text, unless there's some real artistry involved that makes it worthwhile, ideally no words at all (e.g. the Anna Federova performance I shared recently was just the music and the people playing it, no words...). Someone droning at me in front of a blank wall is just pointless.

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