Wanna interact with me? I have some new rules!
Yes, this is neuro-divergent/disorder talk and it's important you know all of this.

Some questions you might have before we begin:

Q: What disorder do you have?

A: I will not be disclosing it in particular, but it is real, and I hope you respect it as such. It has to do with socail interactions!

Q: Will you freak out if I forget these rules?

A: No, I will not freak out, but I might remind you if it it significantly makes socail interactions difficult.

My new rules that have to do with socail goof-ups / not being able to pick up on certain subtle socail behaviors you exhibit:

If we are talking on masto and I'm not picking up on something, send me a DM and tell me what I'm missing. I want to make sure I'm understanding all of your subtle expressions.

If we are in a call / VRChat and I'm not picking up on social cues, please politely, and calmly tell me something. Do not message me, just tell me. If you message me, I might become very anxious.

These rules are now in place as it will help me better interact with you, and know how you are feeling at a particular moment.

I'm bad at reading socail interactions and this is important to know, because my depression and anxiety disorders compound my worries of socail interactions! If I know clearly how you feel, even if somewhat more blunt. I will be a million times better at being your friend and being more calm.

Finally, I hope this does not come off as weird l but I have one more thing to ask of all of my plural friends. Please tell me if this is insensitive .But I truly think it will help me interact with you all better overall!

Please can you let me know who is fronting when we speak. I know you and your entire system are talking to me. BUT I also have a hard time picking up on which part of the system I'm talking to through subtle text or voice changes.


If it is important for me to know who is fronting, let me know who it is via emoji,
Or just tell me.

I love my plural friends and I want to build strong relationships with everyone in their system. As a result, I want to know who is fronting so I can talk to them with clarity.

For example, I'm super excited to meet @artemis who is @owashii's head mate. Knowing who is fronting helps me build a relationship with both.


Thank you all for reading and understanding!
I really hope this will help us interact better in the future!

I might add more with time so check back every once in a while just incase!



@ChewieBoy This is totally easy to do when it's easy to do, and impossible when it's not! Sometimes it's really hard to tell who's talking. >,,>

For us, that generally happens when someone interjects from the back, but it can happen with fronting critters too.

@IceWolf yeah, all you have to do is tell me if it is important, or when it possible. These rules are only to help both me and you all!! :)

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