uspol, social networks, freedom of speech 

There is room for rational discussion on the censuring of people or views on social media.

But in general if you believe that private companies shouldn't be doing this sort of thing. Then it kind of follows you either need to be pro branding social network giants as common carriers OR that they ought to be nationalized.

And by and large the people complaining the loudest on this subject, haven't been in favor of either of these things.


uspol, social networks, freedom of speech 

@trashheap *blinks* I would think "they're common carriers" would be the argument for the people saying they shouldn't censure people/views. Huh.

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uspol, social networks, freedom of speech 

@IceWolf You would think?

In general branding big tech as common carriers usually only seems to come up in anti monopoly talks, and usually from the left.

I think for conservatives, it mostly falls into a anti-regulation-mental-blindspot.

Even while many of them obsess over things like section 230 and the like.

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